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Panchatantra Stories – Stories from Aparïksitakárakam

Stories from Aparïksitakárakam (Imprudence) The stories from Aparïksitakárakam, Imprudence (Panchatantra - Book 5)can help kids understand the repercussions of acting without thinking. It tells us...
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Tips to travel with toddlers

Travelling with toddlers is not an easy task but it is definitely a fun endeavour. However, you have to be a very meticulous while...

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Best folktales on Humour and zest for your kids

"They don’t say for nothing that stories and folktales are the wildest creatures of all. We all have grown up with those so soulful...

Birth Control Pills – Short and Long Term Side-Effects

Birth control pills of oral contraceptive pills are hormone-based methods of preventing pregnancy. They are synthetic hormones that prevent pregnancy by preventing ovulation. There...

The Dynamics Of Menstrual Awareness

Menstruation is a word that is still considered a taboo. The issue which is being flushed down in the form of hushed whispers amongst...
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