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Moral Values

Storytelling- The Art Of playing With Words and How Your Kids Can Master This

Storytelling goes really down the years making it most ancient art of our country. The best part of my growing years like anyone else’s is my Granny’s Stories. The most impactful would be one that addresses a real super hero of their times who...

Story For Kids With Moral: The Crow and The Cobra

Best Story for Kids with Moral - Once upon a time, one crow couple lived on a big banyan tree in a forest near a kingdom. In the same tree, a cobra had made his burrow. When the nest was unguarded, the ate the...

Panchatantra Stories – Stories from Aparïksitakárakam

Stories from Aparïksitakárakam (Imprudence) The stories from Aparïksitakárakam, Imprudence (Panchatantra - Book 5)can help kids understand the repercussions of acting without thinking. It tells us that we can easily lose what is important to us if we act without thinking. Read Also: Panchatantra Stories- Moral Stories...

7 Core Behavioral Traits to Develop in Your Child

The world can be a difficult place. Thus as a parent, we always try to prepare our kids with skills to face the adversities like a pro. Children learn quickly and should be taught at a very early stage to adapt to the situations...
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