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20 Little Ways to Bond With Baby

Snuggling, playing, and even making goo-goo eyes at your baby is essential for their healthy growth.

Have you ever noticed how your baby’s lovely face, those chubby cheeks, sparkling eyes, and cheeky smile is?  You and your partner are hardwired to appreciate one other’s company. And if you trust your instincts and build a strong rapport with her right now, you may set her up for a lifetime of successful relationships. Below are 20 little ways to bond with your baby.

1. Feed your infant breast milk. When your baby snuggles up to you to feed, he hears your heartbeat, smells your perfume, and is soothed by skin-to-skin contact.

2. During bottle time, look into the eyes of the infant. Isn’t it true that you desire credit for all those feedings? Maintaining eye contact with your baby can assist her in remembering who you are and what you mean to her.

3. Treat her to a massage. You’ll feel like a superhero as she grins and coos in ecstasy, and you’ll reap the advantages of infant massage.

4. Put your phone in a safe place. Right now, your family, friends, and coworkers will understand if you don’t answer a text for a few hours. Do take advantage of the additional time by putting it to good use.

5. Take a group selfie in front of the mirror. They don’t comprehend what a reflection is, but that’s fine. Babies enjoy staring at people’s faces, so this is a terrific approach to get them acquainted with their own.

6. Keep an ear out for her heartbeat. Remember how ecstatic you were when you first heard that beautiful sound during a sonogram? It’s now possible to listen to music anytime you wish.

7. Go to sleep when he goes to sleep. Do not feel sorry about going to bed at 7 p.m., I repeat, do not feel guilty about going to bed at 7 p.m. A happy parent is a rested parent, and your baby will benefit the most.

8. Delight your partner with something lovely. Your baby is picking up on the closeness between his parents whether you recognize it or not. Strengthen it by cooking a nice meal or spending time together watching a movie, just like in the old days!

9. Don’t put too much emphasis on the milestones. It’s tempting to look up when certain things happen on the internet, but every baby develops at their speed. You’ll lose out on the present if you keep looking ahead to the future!

10. Get close to your partner. You may have carried her for nine months, and you are both probably missing that constant physical connection. Kangaroo care is a fun and useful activity for babies because it helps them control their breathing and heart rate.

11. Pay attention to her crying. Your baby needs to know you’re there for her, especially in the first three months of her existence, and scooping her up when she screams helps create that trust. No, you’re not going to pamper her!

12. Master the art of swaddling. Baby can sleep better if he or she is swaddled properly. Is there anything else we can say? Follow the steps in this instruction.

13. Smell his scent. Unfortunately, no one has yet found out how to bottle infant scent, so take advantage of the fact that you have it right under your nose. Your baby’s aroma will be more enticing than any other baby you’ve ever encountered.

14. Sit in the glider for an extended period. So she just fell asleep, and you’re quite sure you’ll be able to transfer her to the bassinet without waking her up using your ninja skills. Rock back and forth with her in the calm, dark room before laying her down. These are the moments you won’t soon forget, so savor them.

15. Playing dress-up is a fun way to pass the time. Let’s face it: every time you see your kid in new clothing, your heart melts a bit. If you put on a baby fashion display for your own eyes only, no one will condemn you!

16. Keep a diary. The first year of your baby’s life will fly quickly, so keep track of all the wonderful experiences you’re building together. Feel free to dig up the journal when he brings his first date over the house in 16 years!

17. Host a meet-and-greet with stuffed animals. You’ll have a lot of fun seeing your baby pet, smell, and even taste his furry companions. Take note of the one he chooses as a favorite; you’ll want to keep that one handy for bedtime.

18. Take a deep breath during a weeping episode. Every baby cries, even the most impeccably put-together mom at Pilates. However, if you stiffen up and become upset, your baby will cry even louder.

19. Make a timetable. Babies are creatures of habit, so sticking to a routine will make your child feel more at peace. As you anticipate her feeding demands, it will also let her know that you are the one doing all the magic.

20. Go on a mother-daughter date. Do you want to try something new? Visit the zoo! Are you not so daring? Around the corner, there’s an open coffee shop. Taking your infant out will remind you that the world continues to spin outside your small cocoon.

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