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Top 8 Best Baby Safety Products that Parents Swear By

Top 8 Best Baby Safety Products that Parents Swear By
Best Baby Safety Products

Giving birth is a life-changing event. Your baby will take all your attention and energy. Even if your infant sleeps well at night, you’ll still be conscious all night, worrying about her, checking on her. You have to admit it; every new parent does it.

When she starts crawling, it’s a whole new world out for her to explore. Her safety is your priority. Gateways, table corners, electric sockets, doors, fridges, toilet seats, drawers become lurking dangers that could harm your little bundle of joy. Do not worry. You are not the only one in this situation. There have been many parents before you in this same situation.

Enlisted below are 8 most helpful, safe and effective baby-proofing products to ensure your baby’s safety – and to keep you sane.

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1. Electric Socket Cover Guard

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Socket cover guards are a great way to baby proof your house if you have any electrical sockets that are within your child’s access. Socket covers restrict the babies from dealing with electrical sockets directly or indirectly. They are made of fire-resistant material. They work on press and pull technique. Adults can simply insert them inside and remove again. But the baby can not pull them out. One pack contains 5 safety electrical socket covers.

2. Cardinal Banister Shield

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Worried about the openings in balconies and banisters. They definitely are a threat to your baby. But do not worry. I have your back. Cardinal Bansiter Shield is the solution. The shield protects your baby from falling through the balcony or getting stuck in the railing. The installation of the item is very easy and simple. It is made of durable, shatterproof crystal clear plastic.

3. Safety Stair Gate

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Stairs have always been one of the most dangerous threats to children of all ages. Having a stair gate is essential for baby proofing your home. Safety Stair Gate may also be used in hallways or as a room divider. They are readymade stair gates that don’t need drilling or screwing. They are expandable. All joints of the stair gate rotate so that the individual sections may be set to the ideal angle and then easily locked at a place for a secure attachment.

4. Edge & Corner Guards

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Babies always seem to be at the perfect height for banging into corners and edges- TV stands, end tables, coffee tables. Edges and Corners are not a danger anymore. You can rely on these childproof bumpers. You can also use it as a door stopper. It is functional, fits most table corners and easy to use. They are made of soft absorbing foam and are non-toxic and eco-friendly. It comes in a variety of colours.

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5. Baby Safety Locks

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Keeping your baby away from all the dangers in your home becomes your priority as soon as she begins to crawl. Baby Safety Locks help in securely shutting your cupboards, cabinets, toilets, drawers, appliances, trash cans and more. You can easily baby proof your home in minutes without tools with the help of these baby safety locks. It is a perfect solution for apartments or rentals. Now, you can easily open or close the latch with a single hand. It will prevent your active little ones from throwing toys and other items into the toilet.

6. Door Stopper

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You can not keep your door and windows closed just because of the fear that wind could slam the door close and might hurt the baby’s fingers. But keeping the windows and doors open is important for proper ventilation. This door stopper blocks the doors from shutting and locking on there own when the baby is inside the room. It is easily applicable for any kind of doors or windows. It prevents babies from hurting their fingers due to the sudden slamming of doors and windows. A variety of colourful options are available on Amazon. These stoppers are suitable for both doors and windows.

7. Window Screen Curtain

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It is a magnetic mosquito net for the window with a magnetic fastening system. Protecting against midges, spiders, wasps, mosquitoes, bug and flies, it allows the air through. It is easy to install and easy to remove. You don’t need screws, drills or saws for installation. Do not worry any more, your baby is safe from any mosquito bite with this product.

8. Baby Knee & Elbow Pads

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When babies start crawling, there is always a risk of them getting bruises on knees and elbows. They could also scrape their delicate skin around elbows and knees. An end to your worries with premium elbow and knee pad from the house of Mee Mee which protects your baby’s skin around the tender joints. They are made from 100% cotton fibres and thus do not sit tight on your baby’s gentle skin. These pads fit well, allowing blood circulation in the knee and elbow region. The pads will ensure your baby gets the best care while exploring the world around him.

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