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Baby care tips: Caring for your Newborn Baby

Baby care tips: Caring for your Newborn Baby

Baby Care Tips: It is said when a child is born; a mother is born too. This statement is true. Just as the child is new to the world, the mother is new to the world of motherhood too. After going through pregnancy and the delivery, she begins a new life when she brings the newborn home. Maternal instincts are a mom’s best friend, but they too come with time.

Motherhood can be overwhelming as there is too much happening for the newborn. I know how clueless a mother feels in the first few days. Like me, all mothers today rely on the internet and books to get knowledge about the right things to do, but when it comes to practice, it is a different ball game altogether. In these times, every new mom wishes if someone could give some baby care tips on how to take care of their precious little one.

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There are some basic things which can help you take care of a newborn. Let us talk about a few Baby Care Tips:

baby care tips
                                                                    Baby Care Tips

1. Ask for help from elders

The grandparents of the baby, be it maternal or paternal, are a blessing in these times, and all mothers should try and have at least one of them around. Grandparents have the experience, and also, they are excited to be a part of this journey because of all the love they have for their grandchild. Besides being there to guide, they can also help with the household work. So, moms can focus on the baby and her health. Though, I agree that grandparents can sometimes have a different opinion and might suggest things that the doctors do not agree with. In spite of all these small issues, having an elder in the house helps a great deal in giving baby care tips to the new mom.

2. Diapers and Diaper Rash cream

Diapers and Diaper Rash creamSoiled diapers are a sign of the well being of the baby. The diaper of a newborn must be changed every 2-3 hours, and the diaper area must be kept clean and dry. Diaper rashes are common, and thus, a good diaper rash cream should be used, and the baby should be cleaned properly and left diaper free for some time in a day. It is one of the simplest baby care tips that everyone would suggest.

3. Protection from infection

It is very often said that parents of a newborn become hyper and paranoid. Parents should not bother about these as keeping the baby away from any infection is the most important thing in the first few weeks. I have always believed in prevention is better than cure. And thus, all care must be taken to protect the babies as their immunity levels are low. Some of the basic baby care tips that should be taken care of are:

  • Washing hands with a good hand wash before touching the baby
  • Hand sanitizers should be used when hands cannot be washed with soap and water
  • No one should kiss the baby on the face and mouth
  • After the umbilical cord falls off, the baby must be given a bath regularly
  • Any sick person should be kept away from the baby

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4. Soothing colic

It is very common for babies to suffer from colic and this troubles the baby a lot and the parents too. The baby should be calmed by swaddling or sometimes changing the environment helps too. Keeping the baby on the shoulder and walking them around also helps many times. Parents have to try a few things to see what gives relief to the baby.

5. Dressing the baby

Contrary to the common belief, the baby does not need to be dressed in too many layers. The thumb rule is that the baby should be dressed in just one extra layer than the adults are wearing. The baby should be covered. Over layering can increase chances of SIDS or overheating and making the baby uncomfortable.

6. Holding the baby

All new parents feel scared when holding their delicate darling for the first time, and it is natural. The baby should always be picked up with both hands, with one hand supporting the neck and the head. The newborn babies are delicate, and they like to feel the warmth of the parents, and thus, they often need to be held close.

baby care tips
                                                                             Baby Care Tips

For a mother, there is nothing more precious than her baby, and thus, it should be ensured that they are cared for in the best possible way. It is just the initial phase, which can cause anxiety but as the time passes by, it all settles down, and one can enjoy motherhood completely, because, “Ain’t no hood like motherhood.”