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Do babies love to bite while breastfeeding? Teach your kids how to do it easily.

Ahh look at those eyes,still a good baby, drinking milk quietly in the arms of her mother, and then suddenly turned into a “violent little devil” and biting her nipple! Heartbreaking pain, no precautions … Has this happened to you before?

 So why do babies bite? How should a mother respond to this situation? The editor will immediately reveal the secret of “baby loves biting”, and there are special effects on coup!

There are 4 main reasons why babies love to bite

1. The baby has teeth

I believe that most mothers have such doubts: Before the baby was 6 months old, he won’t bite . But after the baby has teeth, the nipple is bitten and it becomes a “common meal” 

Under normal circumstances, the baby will get the first tooth in his life in about 6 months, and the baby is in pain when growing teeth, the gums will be uncomfortable . There will be swelling or itching, and the baby will become irritated . He will be irritable and likes to bite things. The mother’s nipple is a good choice while breastfeeding . The baby will bite the nipple to reduce the discomfort of the gums. This is usually the main reason why babies bite their mother’s nipples.

In addition, it is related to the incorrect posture of the mother during breastfeeding. We all know that under normal circumstances, the baby ’s mouth should contain most of the areola when breastfeeding. If the baby ’s breast sucking position changes and slides towards the nipple, and the mother does not get timely correction, it is easy for the baby to bite the nipples.

Editor’s Tips:

Mothers should not wean their babies because they are afraid of being bitten, because breast milk is the best nutrition for babies. So how can there be any way to improve the bite situation?

Of course there is! In order to avoid being bitten, the mother should pay attention to observe the baby’s actions when sucking. Once you find that the baby’s sucking position has changed, it should be adjusted as soon as possible to prevent biting the nipple. If the baby really bites the nipple, the mother can gently press the baby’s head against the breast to block his small nose, so that the baby will automatically loosen his mouth because of poor breathing.

In addition, in order to alleviate the discomfort of the long teething period, mother can usually prepare some baby gums or molar toys for the baby to let him bite. However, it should be noted that these toys used to grind your baby’s teeth should be sterilized frequently to prevent the baby from eating bacteria/germs into the body and causing various disease or infection.

2. Express your wishes

When the baby is about 1 year old, the desire to interact with people becomes stronger, but since the baby at this stage can not speak, or can only speak a word or two, there is no way to express his wishes, so the baby will start biting people, or pushing and pulling, other ways to attract the attention of adults, in order to achieve the purpose they want to interact with people.

Editor’s Tips:

At this stage, the baby generally understands the meaning of some words. Therefore, parents should repeatedly and clearly tell the baby “can’t do this, it will hurt to bite”, and guide him to express his emotions with language, gestures, hugs, etc.

For example, if the child is hungry, you can teach him to point his mouth or stomach with his fingers; if the child wants to express his goodwill, he can guide the child to say “Hello!” And encourage him to be friendly by shaking hands or hugging; if the child wants to refuse others, Guide your child to say “don’t” or shake his head. Once the child has mastered the way to communicate with others, the behavior of biting will slowly disappear.

3. Vent emotions

After the baby was 1 year old, his self-awareness became stronger and stronger, and the emotions of happiness and unhappiness became more obvious. When he feels unhappy and dissatisfied, or when he feels scared, nervous and stressed, he may vent by biting.

Editor’s Tips:

In the face of a baby with this condition, the best way is for the parents to give him sufficient care and to meet the baby ’s reasonable needs in time, so that the baby ’s negative emotions can be avoided to the greatest extent. Parents must keep showing to the baby that when he is angry and upset, there is a better way of expression than biting. If he cannot express his opinion clearly, he can ask his parents for help.

In addition, parents should not let the baby be too excited at ordinary times, pay attention to maintaining the harmony of the family atmosphere, and appropriately increase the children’s daily game activities, which can effectively control the excitement of children caused by biting.

4. Imitation

The babies are very strong in imitation. If parents and parents usually have the habit of gently biting their fingers and cheeks to express intimacy, or if there are children around the babies biting people, they have not been criticized. To imitate.

Editor’s Tips:

In the face of such babies, parents should not scold the children too much. The first thing to do is to lead by example, change the intimacy of the baby, or keep the baby away from those who love to bite, and then tell the baby clearly “It’s wrong to bite people, it will hurt others, and neither parents nor other children like it.”

In addition, parents can also use storytelling, role-playing and other methods to positively guide their children. For example, let the child play the bitten child and the parent play the biting child. After each bite, the parent should take the initiative to apologize to the other party. During the role-playing process, children are more able to experience the mood of others, thereby slowly reducing biting behavior.

Editor’s Tips:

When the baby bites, parents should patiently analyze the reasons for the baby biting, targeted education, do not try to change the child’s bite by punishment, this will cause great harm to his psychology .


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