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How to dress baby for summers

Planning your baby’s summer clothing as a first-time parent might be difficult. There is simply a lot to keep in mind while choosing your baby’s outfit of the day, between the blazing temperatures outside, the AC blasting inside, and the reality that babies require assistance in controlling their body temperature. Here’s a great tip on how to outfit your baby in the summer to help you get ready for the warmer months ahead.

Dress your baby in a single layer when the temperature is hot

Consider what you’re comfortable in when it’s hot outside and use that as a reference when dressing your baby in the summer. To make your baby as comfortable as possible, use clothing made of breathable cotton fibers.

  • Cotton short-sleeved bodysuits are excellent choices for your newborn. For all those diaper changes, dress them in whatever is the simplest to get on and off!
  • If your baby’s skin is flushed and they are breathing quickly, they are likely overheated. Remove layers or bring them inside to allow them to chill down.

If you will be in an air-conditioned room, bring extra layers with you.

Summertime can be hard because it can be 29 degrees outside but only 18 degrees indoors. Pack a pair of long pants and a long-sleeved shirt or lightweight jacket in your newborn’s diaper bag.

  • When the temperature goes below 18 to 21 °C, your infant will most likely need an extra layer.
  • If you will be outside when the weather lowers at night, you’ll also need extra clothing.
  • Feel your baby’s back of the neck to see if they’re too cold. You can add a layer to their clothes if their skin is cold to the touch.

To avoid warming your baby, skip the socks.

  • Socks are essential during the cooler months, but they might contribute to overheating and dehydration in your newborn during the summer. Choose sandals that allow their feet to breathe if you wish to put something on their feet.
  • Because your baby can only sweat from their neck, hands, feet, and head, covering their feet significantly reduces their capacity to regulate their body temperature. They can’t sweat through their feet if you cover them.

To protect your newborn’s skin from the sun, wear a lightweight hat.

  • Choose a hat to provide extra protection for your infant while you’re out in the heat. These hats are designed exclusively for newborns to wear in the sun and are constructed of breathable material to keep your baby cool.
  • Your newborn’s skin is extremely sensitive and will burn much more quickly than your own. As much as possible, keep them away from direct sunlight.
  • During the summer, avoid wearing knit caps. The cloth isn’t particularly breathable, and your infant may become overheated as a result.

UV-protective sunglasses are a great way to keep your baby’s eyes safe.

  • Keep your newborn’s eyes as far away from the sun as possible, whether you’re traveling in the car, relaxing on the beach, or simply taking a walk. Keep a backup pair in your diaper bag in case you misplace one, ensuring that your baby is always safe.
  • Remember that your kid doesn’t know to not gaze straight at the sun and can’t shade his or her own eyes, so you’ll have to do it for them.

If you want to wear your baby, use a breathable sling or carrier.

Keep in mind that if you’re wearing your infant in the summer, your newborn will be absorbing your body heat. Use a cotton carrier or sling and dress them in minimum clothing. If you’re too hot in the carrier, your kid is probably too hot as well. 

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