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How to be a Successful Dad Blogger?

Daddy Blogging is the rarest form of blogging these days. Almost everyone has heard of the mommy bloggers and their online communities where fatuous mothers swap various stories about their kids, careers and day-to-day. Dads these days are joining in on the trend, developing online hubs and doing whatever is needed. They are rare in India, but the trending flu will soon catch them.

It used to be a hard land to find daddy bloggers online. Their community was very little and limited to their circle. But nowadays, Dad blogs tend to cover a wide variety of subjects. There’s bountiful of discussion about the best baby formula, advice for school assignments, a little bit of frustration-unleashing and more than a few adorable family photos. They focus on various types of dads such as gay dads, adoptive dad of a little boy, dads who stay at homes, the technology-obsessed, cricket fanatics, etc.

Here are a few tips which will help you to become a successful Dad Blogger!

Getting started is the main iota. Starting from the scrap may eat a lot of your time. Start posting adorable random pictures of your little ones. The best example is Shahid Kapoor, he has made us startled by posting some of the cutest daddy-daughter pictures. He is giving us major Father-Daughter goals.

There are no Daddy bloggers in India as in for now. You can take help of parenting firms such as Allaboutkiids to help you to become one. Record your adventures of Fatherhood, filled with such lofty ambitions and high ideals. Your take on parenthood should be brilliant. Chronicles of your life can be used as a great example for your blog.

Most of the fathers nowadays are working. If they start a blog, they may have to live two lives. This can be a two-way process. You might want to use your life expertise in the original blog of yours. If you want to start from the scratch, try becoming an author first. You can be a collaborative author for a parenting forum such as Allaboutkiids and then start a blog.

Focus on good content. It will take you to heights. Your writing reflects your inner self. By researching the potentials of keywords, you can find out how colossal a market is, the lurking behind it and how to coat it. Keyword Analysis assists you to find new likeable keywords. Creating relevant and optimised content is the perfect way to improve rankings, traffic and conversion rate. It also leads to improved user signals as visitors stay longer on your page.

Inspiration is the most motivated way to write a blog. It is essential to keep track of your competitors as well. Because soon they will hop onto you for more audience. Keeping an eye on your competition becomes very important in a strategic market where anything can change in a minute. Another significant advantage is that you will see that who are your competitors for the same customers – and how you can beat them for the same. There are many third-party apps such as Hootsuite which allows you to manage all the social media platforms aka Social Media Management. With HootSuite, you can monitor keywords, manage multiple Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and WordPress profiles, schedule messages, and measure your success. Boost your social media management with HootSuite- the social ladder of a prominent array and amplify the success of your campaign. Manage multiple networks and profiles.

Social Media Marketing is already a part of most of the marketing strategies, and its importance is growing. Search Engine Optimization analyses social signals and helps you to interpret them. Many customers first do research online, and later buy the product in a physical store. This means that even as a local store, you need have a strong online presence.

This is an important part where you can build your online community and make it stronger. There are influencer dads in the market that helps you to grow. Cross marketing is equally important. Having the blog is a daily reminder that there are things that needs to be done to ensure that your kids are looked after and raised right. Mums still seem to be more prominent in parent blogging circles so you can always use more dads in the online communities making the world know that dads care just as much as mums do.

Tip 6
It is essential to organise sessions that keeps you in touch with your community and your audience. It is vital to have a personal contact and interaction; this shows your loyalty towards them. The small meet and greets encourages them to the core and forces them to be your faithful audience. Contact Allaboutkiids to know about their next meet and greet.

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