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How to be a Successful Mom Blogger?

The market is booming these days with all sorts of mommy bloggers trying to rule the market with their amazing tips and parenting hacks on various children related topics. Mom blogs are a resource full of potential tips, parenting hacks, frugal practices, and more than a few laughs. Moms are amongst the most profuse bloggers online, putting out advice on everything from how to change a diaper to what to feed kids to fill those. The Mom blog industry is a real thing and is proliferating.

Here are some commonly asked questions in the mom blog market. We can learn a thing or two.

• How to Choose Topics for your Blog?
Find a topic you are passionate about or something you relate yourself to. Your blog can be a great way to either share your experience/expertise or grow your following.
For example, Dr Mansi Gupta, one of our authors is a child psychologist and her audience is parents with kids up to age 14. One of her recent article is “Gifted Child”. She has chosen to collaborate with AllAboutKiids to reach her audience. Hence her decision to BLOG about child psychology makes it a perfect fit.
Blogging is a great medium to share your knowledge. Keep your reasons clear before start writing. Are you doing this for family, money, experience, parenting hacks, whatever your motive, figure out your goals before getting started!

• Where Do I Start?
You can build your website with the most popular and influential WordPress Platform. Practice your writing skills thoroughly. We all secretly have a writer residing in us, just waiting to come out. Generate new concepts and carry them through with all your uniqueness. Stay exclusive to your passions and experience.
Blogging has come a long way in the last decade. It went from a hobby to a respectable career, and now it’s a worldwide phenomenon. Due to its such wide expansion, people are nowadays shifting to different approaches. One of them is collaborations with the parenting forums such as Allaboutkiids. They are a community of bloggers trying to build some healthy parenting hacks.

• How to Reach my Audience?
The most important part comes over here when you have to choose your audience wisely. Your target audience decides your career in blogging. People are the only way which can make your career. Do not drain yourself trying to be on every social media platform. Take one platform at a time and grow your following over there.
However, if you create your own blog, you can easily integrate multiple social media platforms on your website and share your content.

• When to Post?
Try to post new content on schedule, do not delay your work. There is no mantra that says to be successful you have to post a ton of content all the time. The key to online success is consistency. If you only have the time to post once a week, make it into a big deal so that your followers are excited to read your new post every Wednesday or any other given day of the week.

• How to Generate Income via Blogs?
A good portion of the residual revenue comes from this method. There are different parameters on which they get released and review them based on standard features like:
1- Look and feel
2- Materials
3- Safety
4- Price range
You would be surprised at how many different products you know about. You don’t even need to try each product. For example, if a fantastic new pram comes out you can look at a bunch of different reviews on Amazon.com and the other big websites and base your review on what other people are saying. This is just one way. There are million other ways to do the following.

• Any Other Ways?
The purpose of the blog is to grow an active community of like-minded people who love your work. If you can be perceived as an authority, you will have a good chance at making a long-term income. By interacting with other bloggers, it gives you a chance to expand and know your community better.
Plenty of people retain a thirst for more thoughtful writing. There’s something about having a space that’s properly yours and potentially free. Community building and having a healthy relationship with different parenting forums such as Allaboutkiids might help you to go a long way.