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KBC 2018 Questions and Answers- Monday

KBC 2018 Questions and Answers- Monday

Kaun Banega Crorepati(KBC) returns for season 10 with Amitabh Bachchan as host. 

This season of KBC will be seen running a campaign called #KabTakRokoge, which will celebrate the spirit of resilience in people. The drive will evoke the emotions of every KBC aspirant.

Fastest Finger First Question

Question 1) Arrange these landmark events in India’s Space Programme in chronological order.

  1. Announcement of Gaganyaan
  2. Launch of Mangaluaan
  3. Launch of Aryabhata
  4. Formation of ISRO

      [A} DCBA

      [B] ABCD

      [C] BCAD

      [D] CDBA

Answer : [A] DCBA

Question 2) The trigger of a gun is, colloquially, also known as what?

      [A] Haathi

      [B] Baagh

      [C] Ghoda

      [D] Oant

Answer: [C] Ghoda

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Question 3) Which of these dishes is not a single item but has two separate components?

      [A] Batata vada

      [B] Dal makhni

      [C] Puran poli

      [D] Puri bhaji

Answer: [D] Puri bhaji

Question 4) Which of these number is normally required to verify a transaction when shopping online using a debit card or credit card?

      [A] PAN

      [B] PNR

      [C] CVV

      [D] AADHAAR

Answer: [C] CVV

Question 5) In the film ‘Pad Man’, the character of Akshay Kumar invents a low-cost machine to make what?

      [A] Paddy crushers

      [B] Sanitary pads

      [C] Writing pads

      [D] Knee pads

Answer: [B] Sanitary pads

Question 6) Which of these substances is composed of only two elements – hydrogen and oxygen?

      [A] Water

      [B] Salt

      [C] Sugar

      [D] Blood

Answer: [A] Water

Question 7) ‘Nabhah Sparsham Deeptam”, the motto of Indian Air Force, is taken from which ancient work?

      [A] Garuda Purana

      [B] Valmiki Ramayan

      [C] Bhagwad Gita

      [D] Mundaka Upanishad

Answer: [C] Bhagwad Gita

Question 8) Who was the chief minister of Karnataka immediately before H D Kumaraswamy succeeded him to the post in May 2018?

      [A] B S Yeddyurappa

      [B] Siddaramaiah

      [C] Dharam Singh

      [D] D V Sadananda Gowda

Answer: [A] B S Yeddyurappa

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Question 9) In which of these events at Commonwealth Games 2018 did the finals have two Indians competing for gold medal?

      [A] Men’s Singles Badminton

      [B] Women’s Singles Table Tennis

      [C] Men’s Singles Table Tennis

      [D] Women’s Singles Badminton

Answer: [D] Women’s Singles Badminton

Question 10) In which language are these words in the beginning of a song from a popular Hindi film?

      [A] Punjabi

      [B] Kashmiri

      [C] Dogri

      [D] Garhwali

Answer: [B] Kashmiri

Question 11) IN 2018, which Indian- born person won the Field medal, often called Nobel prize for mathematics?

      [A] Manjul Bhargava

      [B] Akshay Venkatesh

      [C] Vashishtha Narayan Singh

      [D] S S Abhyankar

Answer: [B] Akshay Venkatesh

Question 12) Identify this animal?

      [A] Basilisk

      [B] Gecko

      [C] Salamander

      [D] Komodo Dragon

Answer: [D] Komodo Dragon

Question 13) Which of these states’ capital is farthest east?

      [A] Arunachal Pradesh

      [B] Nagaland

      [C] Manipur

      [D] Mizoram

Answer: [B] Nagaland

Question 14) At which monument in Delhi did the British forces arrest Bahadur Shah Zafar in September 1857?

      [A] Humayun’s Tomb

      [B] Nizamuddin Dargah

      [C] Purana Qila

      [D] Tughlaqabad Fort

Answer: [A] Humayun’s Tomb

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Fastest Finger First Question

Question 15) Arrange these words to form the title of a song starring Ranbir Kapoor.

  1. Har
  2. Fateh
  3. Maidan
  4. Kar

      [A} DACB

      [B] DBCA

      [C] ABCD

      [D] BCDA

Answer : [A] DACB

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