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KBC 2018 Questions and Answers- Friday

KBC 2018 Questions and Answers- Friday

Kaun Banega Crorepati(KBC) returns for season 10 with Amitabh Bachchan as host. 

This season of KBC will be seen running a campaign called #KabTakRokoge, which will celebrate the spirit of resilience in people. The drive will evoke the emotions of every KBC aspirant.

Question 1) What is the sum of the numbers of thieves in the popular story of Ali Baba and the total number of overs bowled in a T20 match?

      [A} Forty

      [B] Sixty

      [C] Eighty

      [D] Hundred

Answer : [C] Eighty

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Question 2) The National Register of Citizen (NRC) is the list of Indian citizens of which state?

      [A] Sikkim

      [B] Assam

      [C] Meghalaya

      [D] Arunachal Pradesh

Answer: [B] Assam

Question 3) This place of worship belongs to which religion?

      [A] Bahai

      [B] Zoroastrianism

      [C] Jainism

      [D] Buddhism

Answer: [A] Bahai

Question 4) Which City hosted more than a lakh of people to perform yoga together and created a Guinness World Record on the occasion of International Day of Yoga, 2018?

      [A] Jaipur

      [B] Jodhpur

      [C] Kota

      [D] Udaipur

Answer: [C] Kota

Question 5) Who became the first Indian to score a century before lunch in the opening session of a Test Match in June 2018?

      [A] Lokesh Rahul

      [B] Shikhar Dhawan

      [C] Ajinkya Rahane

      [D] Rohit Sharma

Answer: [B] Shikhar Dhawan

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Question 6) To whom is the patriotic song “De Di Humein Aazadi Bina Khadag Bina Dhaal” by Kavi Pradeep a tribute?

      [A] Bardoli Ke Sardar

      [B] Azad Hind Fauj Ke Subhas

      [C] Shantiketan Ke Gurudev

      [D] Sabarmati Ke Sant

Answer: [D] Sabarmati Ke Sant

Question 7) Which of these is a title given to the one who is a highly-skilled person or an expert?

      [A] Rahbar

      [B] Sahib

      [C] Faiz

      [D] Ustaad

Answer: [D] Ustaad

Question 8) In which of these sports would you normally see the referee running on the field?

      [A] Cricket

      [B] Football

      [C] Badminton

      [D] Tennis

Answer: [B] Football

Question 9) Madhuri Dixit’s ‘Bucket List’ is her film in which language?

      [A] English

      [B] Hindi

      [C] Marathi

      [D] Telugu

Answer: [C] Marathi

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Question 10) What characteristics of a leopard is used by scientists to identify them individually?

      [A] Pugmarks

      [B] Spot patterns

      [C] Tail

      [D] Whiskers

Answer: [B] Spot patterns

Question 11) Which of these national flags has the most number of stars on them?

      [A] USA

      [B] Brazil

      [C] Australia

      [D] New Zealand

Answer: [A] USA

Question 12 According to Hindu mythology, which of these plants was brought up during the churning of the milk ocean?

      [A] Kamal

      [B] Parijat

      [C] Gulaab

      [D] Tulsi

Answer: [B] Parijat

Question 13) By what name is the 24-day Salt March of March-April 1930 also known as?

      [A] Dilli Chalo

      [B] Farmers’ March

      [C] Jail Bharo Andolan

      [D] Dandi March

Answer: [D] Dandi March

Question 14) Which of these institutions is not located in the same city as the other three?

      [A] Jawaharlal Nehru University

      [B] Jamia Millia Islamia

      [C] Maulana Azad Medical College

      [D] Christian Medical College

Answer: [D] Christian Medical College

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Question 15) Arrange these words to form the title of a song starring Ranbir Kapoor. Tirana International Airport is named after which Indian Citizen?

      [A} C V Raman

      [B] Mahatma Gandhi

      [C] Mother Teresa

      [D] Rabindranath Tagore

Answer : [C] Mother Teresa

Question 16) Indian Railways has been running daily special trains in Mumbai since June 2018 to collect what?

      [A} Garbage

      [B] Lunch Boxes

      [C] Milk

      [D] Left Over Food

Answer : [A] Garbage

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