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      I have crooked teeth and wanted to correct that and was waiting for an opportunity really long. This year finally seemed like a good time. I consulted a dentist who provides cosmetic dentistry services in Edmonton. I liked the idea of something I could remove to brush & floss. I am used to wearing night guards to prevent grinding. So, I have no problem with that.
      I knew we’d be planning to have a second baby sometime during the treatment, and that seemed fine to me. Yesterday, I was shocked to realize that the pregnancy results were positive. I have been freaking out since yesterday afternoon about the possible side effects of these.
      I have done some research and found that the trays are free from chemicals. I don’t want to spend this whole pregnancy and/or the whole of this kid’s life wondering if I caused some unnecessary toxic exposure.
      I honestly can’t tell if I’m being appropriately cautious or absolutely ridiculous here. I need your help!

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