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      My pan card is getting some correction need to make. I am getting my pan card at 10 days before. It is my photo and other details also. My name is entered as wrong. How to make the correction in that. Are any positive methods or way are available to that. I have get pan card login details. I am also following the procedure and guidance given by the application. My father conveys the messages and tips for submitting the pan card application as success. Apply pan card online is good way for all. It is getting very simple way and easy to apply duplicated pan card. New results and methods are possible to generate the new pan card. Some of people are not getting awareness about online application to apply pan card as easy. Most of people are used offline pan card application.
      So it is getting some mistakes or damages. Some of applications are rejected. I need the proper instructions and guidance for making the details. Tell me the features and benefits for using pan card at money transactions. I cannot know about that. But bank asking to apply pan card for deposit my money. So only i have applied that. But it is also getting some errors so now i will solve and correct those details. I need to make the changes as fast way. Would you please given me the details to correcting my information? I am also applying for the home loan. It is very important for me. I need to repair my house as quick. My sister will come next week with their kid. My home is getting some damages. So please tell me the possible method for correcting the information in my pan card. I am awaiting here. Please let me know quickly

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