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      At presenting days all shops are using the paper bag for given the products to their customers. Plastic bags are avoided and posted the rules for that. I am using the software for getting the GST rates for paper products at online. But i cannot find the GST rates for the papers bags. So please tell me the details in online. I have get the reviews and more information from the online pages. Papers bags are best and better for environment. I am getting some of productive nature of advices and ideas from my friends. I am starting the business as producing the papers bags.
      It is getting more profits and needed for the shops and stores also. So my father had given some of amount for investment. I need to know the GST rates and registration process with yours. Please explain the method for filing the returns in online. What are the important documents are needed for making that process? I am using some of tools for making papers products. I have read the notes and ideas about making those products. It is very easy and need more works. Original information and advices are needed here. I am providing the story about my business and what are the problems are available without GST registration.
      More people are given reviews and thoughts about the papers products producing. I am not getting any option for collect the GST rates for that. So i have asked you to given the support for covering that matters. My friends are supporting for collecting the materials and more points about paper bags. I am getting some local stores for sale those items. They are very interesting to get that from my company. I need to sale the products with online as wide range. Please tell me the required details

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