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  • in reply to: Should I force my 4 year old to eat new foods? #14123

    Hi been a child nutritionist I would suggest don’t force your child istead instead make food interestingmake some food art make a train or teddydecorate the food in such a way that it doesn’t overburden your work and it makes food interesting. And one formula that that works on all kids are you also try to include the same food group that you want your child to have like if you want him to have a karela ka sabji you should also eat in front of your child so that he learns

    in reply to: What is the best Indian diet for weight loss? #10893

    Eat healthy , fresh food. Avoid fatty and oily food , stay active , have green leafy veggies and salad . start your day with glass of luke warm water .

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    Eat healthy , clean . No fried , no oily , avoid fatty foods . walk for 30 min .

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)