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How to make children’s weekend exciting

How to make children’s weekend exciting

With today’s lifestyle, we spend almost about 14 hours a day at work and for a commute. Getting back home means having your last meal of the day and heading straight to the bed. This is quite understandable since we need to work to earn the daily bread, meeting the expenses and cope up with the inflation. And with more families going nuclear and both the partners working, there is hardly any room for even a relaxed meal with your loved ones. In the modern day rat race, we often forget the value of the people around us who we have grown up with and people we call our family and friends. With a child, the idea of spending time gets challenging with the same lifestyle.

Children need a lot of attention and care not just during the early years but also during the formative years of school. No matter how much money you spend on a daycare or private tuitions or enroll them to some sports club for exercise or a hobby center to kick-start their creative side, kids learn, feel secure and loved and grow better around parents. It not only creates a stronger bond between you and your child but also reduces the stress level of your child, allowing them to discuss their problems with you easily. So even if you have very minimal time on a day to day basis to spend with your family and make memories, it is important that you utilize the time you get to the utmost and stay connected with the people you love the most.

Here’s a list of activities you can do with your child over the weekend to make it more exciting for them.

Take a mini vacation
There are very few things that can compete with a vacation taken to unwind yourself and spend some good time with your kids. You can try variations from a relaxing getaway, go camping with your kids and spend some time in the wild or a getaway filled with activities. Involve your kids in the planning stage to keep their interest on and set an expectation for them for what is in store during the vacation. Involve your kids in the activities that are not too stressful for them and helps them bond with your more. If possible, make a trip with other parents and your child’s friends to make the trip more interesting and the games more structured. Alternatively, you can plan a day at the beach or fishing at the nearby lake. Beach allows kids to enjoy as well as express their creative side. Make sure you carry toys, props like Frisbees and activity kits for the vacation with kids.

A day at the museum
If you are looking for a day outing where you can spend some good time with your child, satisfy their curiosity and impart some knowledge while you get entertained, plan a day at the museum. Do a bit of homework showing related videos to your child or reading some stories about prehistoric animals but refrain from training your kid by pointing out what to see and what not to while you are at the museum. Let your child explore and find his item of interest and let that curiosity develop.

Indoor games
If you aren’t in a mood to step out of the house and still make the weekend exciting and interesting for your child, you have a plethora of options on indoor activities that you can opt for. Games that involve the family like scrabble or toys like lego are great tools for developing the cognitive skill of a child and also help them enjoy the game.

Family Dinner
Make it a point to have the weekend dinner with your kids. You can either go outdoors in the backyard for a barbeque or simply cook at home and let your kid give you a helping hand. Encourage your kid to pick a dish that they would love to eat and involve them in the process. Who knows he will grow up to be the next Gordon Ramsey!

Neighbourhood play time
Talk to other parents in the neighbourhood to plan a neighbourhood match or game- badminton, musical chair, or a cricket match and get your kids involved too. If your child shows signs of being a strict introvert, this is the time you get your kid learn team play and the value of friendship.

While there are plenty of options to make the weekend exciting for your child- visit a theme park or a zoo, make sure that you come up with new ideas every time to keep them excited and look forward to the weekend. Get involved with your kids in their games and outings and develop that bond which will go a long way in strengthening the relationship.