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5 Best Babymoon Destinations in India : Ideas For New Parents

5 Best Babymoon Destinations in India : Ideas For New Parents


babymoon destinations in India – This Babymoon vacationing trend is gaining immense popularity over the past few years. Though, this trend is pretty popular in western and European countries, but it’s fairly new in India and is taking the whole country by storm. Well, this name though is enough to awaken your curiosity to know more about this concept. So, here, we go and learn about what Is so special and unique about babymoon concept and with the help of this blog will try to throw some light on this unique concept and discuss how you can make the most out of it.

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A babymoon is a trip that an expectant couple takes before the arrival of their little cutie pie.


The whole idea behind taking a babymoon is to spend some time together, since this is the time when couple actually needs to render emotional support and warmth to each other. It not only helps in elevating the mood of the partners but it brings much needed peace, calmness and mental stability to both of them. Best thing is they get to spend some private moments and intimate time together which is really good and beneficial for the baby yet to be born. It is a wholesome exercise to unwind oneself from the stress before the arrival of the baby in your family.

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Best time for Babymoon

The best time to head for babymoon is during the second trimester. Don’t plan a trip when your partner is suffering from bouts of palpitations and morning blues which are recurrent before the beginning of second trimester. The ideal time to plan a trip is during that phase only to attain maximum benefits out of it. So, check your calendar and carefully plan your babymoon. Here, in this blog we are enlisting some of the most serene and breathtakingly mesmerising destinations that will set your mood for the challenging days waiting ahead for you all perfectly.

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Simla is known for its colonial aesthetics and sheer mountaineering beauty. The charm and beauty of this place dwells in its natural serenity that is enough to make any couple go aww. It brings much needed calm, and settles down your unsettling nerves. This place is a really sumptuous treat for your senses. The Oberoi Wildflower Hall in Mashobra is sure to tug at your heartstrings and you wouldn’t be able to leave the aura that it spells on you behind. I bet. This place has a deep, mystical, celtic charm which is profound, understated and extremely idyllic to get lost in its pristine, and soothingly tranquil beauty.

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Travelling budget: For a two-day weekend trip to Simla should cost you not more than 4k-5k per person. (It includes meals and stay in hotels).
Ideal time to visit: During summers. (Months of May, June, July and august are simply perfect to spend in the lap of this amour!)
Visit www.oyorooms.com for best deals on Himachal packages.

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Ananda spa

Take a calming and detoxifying vacation at India’s favorite wellness destination for your babymoon. The best thing about this place is it offers absolute mental and physical rejuvenation. This place has a lot to offer that too under one roof. You can choose from yoga, meditation, healing, detox, aroma therapies and other international spa experiences in an ambiance you choose and doing the best you absolutely love doing.
Ideal time to visit: From the months of November to March. The weather is crystal clear with plenty of sunshine and occasional winter showers to make you experience the taste of bliss.
Head on to www.tripadvisor.in for great package deals on Ananda Spa.

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Portblair, a beautiful and absolutely picturesque seaside haven situated in Andaman and Niobar islands. The islands are a part of India but closer to Thailand and share the same waters. In case, if you wish to get the feel of Thailand while being in your own country, then this place is your perfect destination spot. Opt for sea walking and snorkelling if you consider yourself a regular swimmer. This is something you would definitely love to try and this is not going to cause any anxiety to you. This place will give you feels of paradise.
Ideal time to visit: Between October and May. The weather throughout this period remains too pleasant and enchanting for sightseeing.
For more information, head to www.andmantrip.online to get great deals on hotels, meals and sightseeing and to explore more alternatives.

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Assam, Guwahati

So, you and your husband are wildlife fanatics. If you’re nodding your head in a BIG yes?  Then Assam may turn out to be perfect babymoon destination to satiate your inner wilderness. This place does the same to your senses what a strong vodka shot does. It makes you feel something passionately and wildly. It gives you the similar sort of adrenaline shots which hits you hard. Dive into the pool of wilderness and get lost in the thrill.
Ideal time to visit: Between the months of November and March. For a delightful and refreshing summery experience, make sure to plan your trip during these months only.
For further details on deals and packages related to Assam, check out www.yatra.com . They have some exciting packages and deals in store.

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A perfect place to taste the pleasure of breeziness of France, that too in India. It is also known as mini France. Enjoy lovely accommodation and hospitality at the French side. Invigorate your senses while sipping your favourite drinks on the pristine sands that will leave you awestruck. The best thing about this place is its delectable French cuisine, a treat to your taste buds. The vibes of this place are so enchanting and awe-inspiring that will leave you hooked and mesmerised with its rawness.
Ideal time to visit: Between the months of October and March. Also, July and September.
To check out more tourism packages and other related info, head to www.tripadvisor.in and plan an awesomesauce trip.

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So, where are you heading to celebrate your babymoon?