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Celiac’s Tripping Menu

Celiac’s Tripping Menu

A long weekend on the roll and our excitement too. But it always dropped when we thought of the food for our allergic child. He cannot eat anything outside. So I discussed it with all my family members and celiac group people, we came to one simple conclusion. It’s better to be at home but with a few simple preparations and precaution, celiac’s tripping can be made fun too.

This month starting, we planned our weekend getaway at The Lemon Tree Resort, Tarudhan Valley Manesar. Much before our bag packs, the preparations for my kid’s food started.
  • I prepared two gravies, one for Shahi Paneer and the other for Black Chana.
  • I made kadhi, the pakoras and three serving of rice (1 lunch and 2 dinners). Yes, it has to be done carefully to be 100% sure that no contamination goes into my child. His health is our first concern.(Haldirams ready to eat rice can be an option too).

And then was packaging, and a Milton Ice Box is perfect for a 2-day plan. I packed separately the two gravies’, boiled black Chana, fresh paneer, kadhi, rice, pakoras, GF bread, GF Maggi (2 days breakfast) sachets of jam, butter and ketchup. GF chips, nuts, peanuts, chocolates, cookies, and the munchies with potato spirals, McCains smiles and French fries as our favorites. We also carried a small induction based frying pan, spices, spatula, disposable dishes and a small induction with us.

After our travel of 1.5 hours through the midst of Aravalli, surrounded by dancing fields of maize and mustard, we entered this beautiful Golf Resort. We checked in at 3 p.m. on 2nd of March (Holi), and were welcomed with that signature lemon fragrance of the Resort and the holi Ghujias (off course not GF) served at the reception. The entrance itself uplifts your spirits with the water channels running all the way along.

The room was cozy and comfortable with all the basic amenities. Kids enjoyed the pool, the park, the fitness centre, and all the activities. But then came the main part food. In the evening we talked to the chef and explained him about all our concerns for the allergy.

Chef Pankaj, he listened to everything and noted all our necessities. Not only he allowed us to use the induction in our room, where we could make the food for my child which we brought from home but he also prepared tasty GF chicken for him using our pan and the spices we gave him.

And that was all we needed to get a weekend break without any eating issues and giving priority to our child’s health. Most of the Resorts do not allow using induction pan in the rooms, we got lucky in this case. But you can use their live counters where you can prepare your dish in your pan. Otherwise, you can give them all your precooked material like shahi paneer gravy, rice and paneer mixed in your pan with your own spatula and ask them to just boil it. Make sure to ask them not to use any spoon or cloth of the restaurant.

So a trip, without worries of Gf eating was a success. So cheer up allergy moms and plan yours. And share your experience with us. Let us pledge,

“Allergy will not limit our Lifestyle”