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Gluten free Mussoorie trip

Gluten free Mussoorie trip

This summer break we planned our trip to Mussoorie.

“Happy, excited, and worried at the same time, we started our gluten free searches. As we were to go and buy our car, so we decided to have a night stay at Rishikesh too.”

At Rishikesh, we opted for apartment, Aloha on The Ganges. It’s a lovely property on the banks of river Ganges. It’s sprawling stay area and the rooms and the bathrooms are too very spacious and clean. And a fully furnished kitchen, with RO water, a refrigerator and the stove that worked just the best for us. The way we wanted. We could now easily  prepare the Gluten free meal for our kid. I carried rice, boiled Chana, paneer, GF spaghetti, mozzarella and the GF pasta sauce and ready to eat masalain, my Chilly pack, so it was easy for me to prepare each meal. Make sure to carry your own utensils, pans and roller-pin, washing cloth so that all the chances of contamination are minimized. And for the evening snacks, McCains(French fries, smilies) go the best. While GF chips, biscuits, matar snacks, chocolates, candies are always there in my bag.

 “A little distance away from the main city, that adds to the peace.”

The best part was the spectacular view of the mountains and the river. And the infinity pool was so relaxing, the mountains, the holy Ganges, the trees and the water all together!! We enjoyed the recreational activities at the club including fruit salad, hoopla fun and not to be missed Tambola.

The next was Mussoorie, I was much worried about that, the apartment which we booked, had to be canceled for some reason. So it was instant booking in hotel Fortune Grace. But luckily, the staff there could understand GF. The chef Virender, allowed me to use their stove and I could make the food for my toddler easily. Maggi in the hills, tastes the best.

So I made GF Maggi for him, and he enjoyed it on the beautiful terrace of the Hotel, with cold weather and amazing view of the valley. In the breakfast he could enjoy the buttermilk from the buffet menu, with fruits and eggs of choice, along with fresh fruit juice. Nestled in the hills, Fortune Resort Grace is perched cozily on a pine covered hill slope with an enchanting view of the Doon valley. This is a hotel for leisure, recreation and family. The kids room in the hotel premises was super excellent,  kids also relished carom, ice skating, table tennis, basketball and the trampoline etc. there.

And when you can eat gluten free easily without any risk, then you can rejoice your stay there to the fullest. We couldn’t help but to appreciate the beauty of Mussoorie. The busy mall road, the Musoorie lake, Kemptyfall, the cable car and the valley.

“Mussoorie is layered with pine forests, awe inspiring sunrises and sunsets and stunning walks deserves a mention.”

Nothing is better on hills than having a strategic location for evening and morning views unhindered. So Celiac family, go out and rejoice in the lap of Mussoorie, the GF (Gluten free) way !!!