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All You Need To Know About BALI

All You Need To Know About BALI
The Island of Paradise as it’s wisely said, Known for its beautiful beaches, water sports and more,
It has a lot more to add.
At times its quiet and next very moment, it’s loud,
One second its sun and in the other, we can catch the clouds.
Innumerable flirty guides still people so true,
Unlimited food and Bintangs (local beer) to brew.
Still cannot get my senses out of those “CRISPY FRIED FROG LEGS”,
That’s what the menu said, free with just two pegs.
But the HOTNESS of Ku De Ta blended with sea waves so cold,
I have more of Bali memories to unfold.
Knocking up water sports to do,
Banana boat alongside full family crew.
Snorkeling was an experience so real,
Witnessing the pure liquid, the sea floor could feel every fish so near.
Submarine impelling under, discomforting the whole Aqua habitat,
But we rejoicing the life under, turtles, blue jelly star and fish with the stripe of a cat.
Cruise progressing through the frosty wind to win the race,
I could feel every single wave on my face.
Dishing out the white tigers at safari was so scary,
And Oregano tan on my lap ne toh jaan hi le li thi meri(the most deadly experience I had).
The best was the Tiger and MY PIC,
God!! it finished perfectly with one click.
Ubud had its wood carving phenomenal art,
Wished I could fill my whole cart.
Traveling kilometers through nature to Kintamani, the volcano eruptions in the sky,
Nothing worth that much travel, it was just the travel guide spy.
Tanah lot and Uluwatu the holy places to go,
Sunset, cliff top, monkeys, shopping, surfing and THE GOD in one go.

Frisking Frolicking and Rolling away with water was the fun utmost,
That’s the entire worth of touring a coast.