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Top 5 kids-friendly airports across the world

Top 5 kids-friendly airports across the world

Travelling with kids is always an incredible experience. You get to show them the different shades of the world. You share each other’s experiences. However, travelling is a tedious task as well. It involves a lot of unplanned diversions and long waiting at the airport. Such things can make your kids irritable and effectively ruin your trip.
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Here we have compiled a list of airports that are kids friendly. Most of these airports have a lot of facilities that take care of the health and entertainment of kids specifically. This is a real boon for parents who want to take some time off and relax while waiting at the airport.

(Image credits : Changi Airport)
  • Changi Airport Singapore: This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing airport in the world. And on the plus side, it is totally kids friendly. It consists of The Slide and Children’s Playground and The Entertainment Desk on all its three terminals. There is Xbox and PlayStation available for older kids. Moreover, there are a number of rooms available for families. There are also areas for nursing and diaper change of babies. The Koi Pond is the main attraction where kids and feed fish and enjoy themselves. All these facilities keep the minds of kids occupied.

(Image credits: Schiphol)
  • Amsterdam Schiphol Airport: This airport has that quiet corner that everyone searches for at airports. The Baby Care Lounge in this airport is a blessing in the form of a comforting, personal space. If a kid gets irritable or unhappy, the parents can always take it to the baby lounge and soothe it. This lounge was opened by Nutricia had has seven bed chambers and cribs. Amidst the hustle bustle of the airport, it is a place where any family would love to relax.

(Image credits: FlyChicago)
  • Chicago O’Hare AirportMother’s Rooms are available at all of the terminals for mothers needing to nurse their infants in a clean and quiet space. Mother’s rooms feature seating, a sink, a diaper-changing surface, electrical outlets, and soft lighting. All of the Mother’s Rooms are open 24 hours every day. At Terminal 1 the facility is located in the Concourse B next to the Gate B10, at Terminal 2 in the Concourse F between Gates E5 and F9, at Terminal 3 at Rotunda, at Terminal 5 in the concourse M next to the gate M14.
(Image credits: Hong Kong Airport)
  • Hong Kong International Airport: This airport takes kids’ entertainment to another level. They even have an IMAX theatre inside the airport. Yes, you read it right! There is a children’s television lounge and ‘Dream Come True Educational Park’. All these trendy things will keep your jumpy kid occupied and give you some time to relax.
  • Paris Charles de Gaulle and Orly: This airport has that one thing that every toddler’s parents hates to carry but always needs. They have free strollers that parents can borrow. This airport also has play areas for kids that are filled with gadgets as well as activity games. Quiet areas for nursing and soothing a baby are also available. There are PS3 lounges and music spaces that would appeal to your teenage kids.

These airports make travelling with kids easier and even relaxing!