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A weekend getaway- summers hail

A weekend getaway- summers hail

Making the most out of a weekend !

It was a bright sunny morning, very ‘blessed’ to get my ambrosia,
bed-tea, on the bed itself. Usually, I prepare it for husband and myself, but I was fortunate! I was sipping with contentment and enjoying my biscuit, when I heard something! The commotion felt pretty familiar. There, my biscuit dropped in tea! The school is closed for exactly two months after final examination! I lost my flavour!

These two months have to be planned very intricately, taken into consideration the tantrums and mood swings of girls! Being a mother of two, a teenage and nine-year-old, my brain is equipped to work accordingly. Such is a change in the pattern of thinking.
sometimes I lose my age count!

Age does not count always but experience does! So, the prevailing experience states that go according to the flow, with no “ifs and buts”. There has to be a little congestion for do’s and don’ts, have to fix ways with the blowing tide!

weekendsVacations begin 🙂

So, the vacations began! Every day is a new experience; in the kitchen and also to handle the ‘fragile’ species of mine! But of course, a mother knows the ways to fix and mend. Usually getting ready for school, a day begins at 5:30 in the wee hours, holidays a little later. We cannot have a fixed routine for holidays but cannot deny the value of time as well – especially a weekend.

Punctuality loses the importance but discipline should be maintained.

A mom’s days are always the same, only the time changes. When you have two age groups; children and senior citizens, have to be particular for specific matters. Meals should be on time and no late nights. Days are either occupied with television or small quarrels and evenings outdoor activities. Two weeks passed very peacefully but holidays needed a break.

A short trip was planned to Pattaya over the weeknd, which is one and a half hours by a drive. Thailand is hot and humid all through the year but April onwards it’s unbearable with scorching heat. Monsoon onsets in last week of June till the first week of September.
So we are blessed with showers of blessings at equal intervals.


It was Saturday morning, we were all set for our weekend. It was sunny but could also feel the cool breeze.

We packed our breakfast to save time. Hot pancakes with honey and maple syrup. Milkshakes in flasks. We reached our hotel at eleven. Thailand is a tropical country, so “the land of smiles” is blessed to have a variety of fruits. We felt truly welcomed by fresh pineapple juice with a tangy flavour of orange and lime.

After registering at reception, we got our room keys. Our room was facing the sea and balcony was having sitting arrangement of two with a centre table. A basket of fresh fruits was on the dining table. Access to the internet was also available. There were ample activities in the hotel to keep the children occupied. The swimming pool was attractively gleaming, hence beckoning the children.

Dresses changed into swimming suits, three hours occupied. I was jobless! So decided to give some comfort and relaxation to my body. I registered for aromatherapy massage and spa. My land is also famous for the aromatic oils and traditional massages. A welcomed by lemongrass drink, which soothes the overexerted muscles, I entered my zone.

After entering the room, I really do not remember what happened. The aroma of oil and perfect hands of my masseuse, I lulled me to my dreams!

She woke me after her task done.

I was so light, on cloud nine. My muscles so relaxed that they felt as lighter as cotton.
I began new me with the relaxed body and peaceful mind.
Children were waiting for me, changed after their bath. We had Thai food for lunch. Thai food is very healthy, with little use of oil and sautéed with herbs and fresh vegetables. Desserts have natural sugar like coconut milk and jaggery.

the evening we went for a walk at the beach enjoying the cool breeze with the sound of waves. The water touching your feet and receding. The splash of salt water is much curing than the pollution of the city!
At night we enjoyed our street food. Freshly boiled rice noodles in chicken soup with all the herbs and vegetables.
Weekends and happy times are very short ! So was ours, but filled with positive energy.