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Your last Hurray as singles together: Babymoon!

Your last Hurray as singles together: Babymoon!

“Well, well, well, it’s not about the bachelors party or a hen party I am talking about.”

Before a married couple reach a desirable destination called ‘Parenthood’, it’s time to go for a Babymoon!!!

Enjoy the alone time as a couple, and prepare for your bundle of joy who’s on its way to make a way into your lives.
“Pregnancy is the most beautiful period in a woman’s life. Once you’re pregnant, you are full of joy, hope & anxiety. People shower you with blessings, advices & that extra attention that makes you feel special.”

But at the same time, people keep on telling you that life will not be the same again. So just dip into that last gasp of coupledom for that romantic retreat before the baby blossoms your lives.

More and more couples are taking a babymoon as it gives them a chance to re-connect with each other. A few reasons to take a babymoon are as follows:

It’s for you two: As you prepare for your bundle of joy and once baby increases the size of the family, everything changes, especially for those first few months. So it’s for you to reconnect with your significant other before you both change into new people (mom and dad).

Health & Relaxation: Pregnancy can be an anxious time, and a babymoon encourages both of you to slow down, relax, and focus on each other’s invigorating company, spend some quality time together and the simple things that matter the most.

Quality time together: By investing time and space to be together for your babymoon, you’ll walk into parenthood more connected than ever. A babymoon is a great way to remind both of you that you’re in this together. and not just a mother, but a dad is able to feel deeply that he is pregnant too.

Sleep: Get the best sleep and rejuvenate yourself and come back rejuvenated, before the baby takes away all your sleep and energy.

Your last Hurray: If you don’t have any children yet, you are free as a bird. Your life is about to radically change and you won’t be able to travel on a whim. Take advantage of this freedom! And enjoy the “we time” before it goes to three!!!
So to be moms and dads cement on some precious memories before baby swoops in and steals away the romance. But before that do check up with your gynaecologist to make sure you and your baby are fit to travel.

For most pregnant women, the second trimester represents those magical three months when energy is high, morning sickness has passed, and you don’t yet have to deal with surprises like swollen ankles. Choose a place you always wanted to visit to settle down your nerves and relax. Sip in your favourite drinks while enjoying the nature and your soulmate’s ever enchanting company, find your soul home and pray for that new life to complete you and add more meaning and ecstasy in the journey called life!!!

Connect, relax , recharge and get ready for the new addition to your family.”