10 points to overcome speech delay in kids

My son took a little longer to start his talks. Until his first birthday, he could pronounce only two or three words. On one...




Thank you dad ! Happy International mens day

Being a parent is not easy, when we become new parents we have so many thoughts running in our minds, and most of the...

How to keep your baby’s hands clean during Covid-19

Babies are naturally curious and want to touch them everywhere, so they can easily get all kinds of bacteria on their hands. To avoid...

How to guide the baby who loves to eat hands?

"Eating hands" signifies that the baby's psychological development has entered a new stage-the differentiation of finger function and the initial stage of hand-eye coordination,...


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A Healthy Mind Lives In A Healthy Body!

Healthy Mind Lives In A Healthy Body! Most of the time this proverb is applied for adults, but it is of equal importance for children...

Simplifying Travelling with Kids

Travelling can be a daunting task and when it’s with kids, especially under 5 years, it seems all the more formidable. But like any...
parenting tips

15 Parenting Tips On How To Raise A Smart Child

Parenting Tips - Childhood is crucial in the intellectual development of your child. This is the stage where the brain develops most quickly. How...


A weekend getaway- summers hail

Making the most out of a weekend ! It was a bright sunny morning, very 'blessed' to get my ambrosia, bed-tea, on the bed itself. Usually,...