Review: Best Math App for Students

Best Math App for Students

Mobile app development is a boon for the education industry. Students are more inclined towards using smartphones for every purpose. Therefore, educational apps become the perfect way to gather the attraction of the students to learn and enhance their skills.

Best Math App – Math tops the chart of the most difficult subject in school. I was one of those students who despite being enrolled in the top-ranked private school in my city had a problem understand the concepts of mathematics. My mathematical learning was characterized simply by order of operations as “how it’s done” concept, which I always promised myself, I would understand later. The result is the belief that I am not a math person and a raging math anxiety. According to the latest survey, 89 per cent parents feel Math is the toughest subject for their kids.

The mathematical education given in the early childhood is imperative to provide the foundation children need to succeed in elementary school and later in life. Parents should focus lessons in the preschools around the basic skills that build up to advance mathematics in higher education.

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Here are some best Best Math App for students

Make sure your child’s education doesn’t stop after school. Preschool kids: Number & Math app will keep your youngsters mind active outside the classroom.

Best Mathematics Apps for Students Best Mathematics Apps for Students

The app is aimed at making kids familiar with numbers, do simple addition and subtraction, identify and count numbers, read the clock, join the dots, learn to arrange numbers in ascending and descending order and comparing number values. Best Math App for Students is suitable for Early years foundation and primary school up to the age of 8. It is a phonics based app that introduces letters to the kids, helps them identify the sound that corresponds to each and every number and also helps them memorize their spellings. The app also has added sounds for some questions.

Best Math App for Students Best Math App for Students Allaboutkiids Best Mathematics Apps for Students Best Math App for StudentsBest Math App for Students


It is the Best Math App preschoolers and early elementary school kids who need to strengthen fundamental math skills such as adding, subtracting, comparing, missing number and matching. Preschool kids: Number & Math will help reinforce the skills in amazing and fun ways with colourful games and quizzes. The voice-over-instructions in the app are very encouraging and motivating. It will help your toddler to develop a keen interest in mathematics.

Best Math App for Students Best Math App for Students

The app has a total 12 games which collectively help your child to understand mathematical concepts with brilliant literacy support. All the 12 games are displayed at a single screen which makes the app very easy to use. Each game has a proper title which is easy to understand. Apart from mathematical learning through the app, the child also gets to identify letters by arranging the words to form a number. After the child arranges the letters correctly, the voice over instructions follows with the pronunciation of that particular number.

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An added advantage of using this app is that your kids can enjoy and have some fun by connecting the dots and coloring right on their smartphone. From vehicles to animals, this app will have your kids connecting the dots and enjoying every minute. This app is also an effective assistance to teach kids to understand and read time and also how the clock works.

The basic learning of Best Math App for Students that the child gets in early childhood education sets the building blocks for their future mathematical problems. Without the understanding of simple skills like the application of adding, subtracting and number sense, kids can not grasp higher concepts of mathematics in elementary education. However, with the help of Preschool kids: Number and Math, parents can try to help toddlers, preschoolers and young children to learn mathematical concepts or math skills at a remarkable rate.
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