Weekend Ritual

“Long vacations make a year, but it’s the day to day moments that make our life”
So mommies, if I ask you, what was the most memorable time of your life? What would be your answer?
Down the memory lane, it goes….. When there was an electricity break in the night all of went out and played, or playing hide and seek in the home with your sibling, for me it’s when I and my bro went to school on our cycles. Unlimited Mauj Masti…. Miss those days!!!
So it’s not the big moments we remember, but rather the little ones. Every one of us wants to give our issues a childhood to remember … and there’s no better way to execute this than by weaving up some little fun family time ritual. There is no investment wiser than spending quality time with family. While it’s true that family is forever, it is important that the family is healthy. Your family will be healthy if you give it time. So we have this “new weekend ritual” adopted in our family. It helps life make sense to my little kids.
Fun Family Weekend Ritual: We believe in holding on to our Sundays and making them activity-free. We don’t rush off anywhere and we move slowly. The whole week is so busy with kids school, his office and other commitments, it’s crucial to take out some sluggish moments on the weekend to replenish and rejuvenate. By making this a weekly ritual, it engrosses into kids, the importance of downtime and of not over-scheduling their lives. It’s basically scheduled “unscheduled time” and it opens us up to going where the moment takes us. My kids adore these much-awaited Sundays and it’s often during these days the true family magic happens. Starting with the day with swings in the nearby park with their Grandparents, it can continue to, to be crafty, to a mathematician, to be a scientist or a painter, but with some brainstorming and yes cleaning up the mess too!! A day trip to the locals, a pool party, a movie or sometimes going out for dinner date with family.
All this quality time spent helps build a stronger bond with family. You get time to talk and listen to the kid’s whole week story of their friends that help you keep informed about their friends, nears, and dears. You can teach children important lessons of life, last but not the least it’s time to show affection, appreciation, and encouragement.
It’s just enjoying a break from the super stocked week. And this is the perfect recipe for family blending. So dearies, just take a sip of your favorite drink and this Sunday let it be just you and your kids. Your time is what little tadpoles need. No planning required just go with the day as they want just Stay connected with them!

“Treasure your family every day, it’s a gift don’t take it for granted”