Kidsworld summer theatre workshop

Communication an important tool in building confidence. In personality enhancement.
Classes in voice projection, diction– pronunciation of , for example the “D” , ” T”, ” R”, “W”, “V”… words. The tongue correctly hitting the palate. Classes in integration and imagination. At Kidsworld, work is play and play is work! All work is done through games,through team exercises.For 4 years to 8 years-Teaching them the basics of stagecraft and communication. 
Team building  a crucial quality.A good leader is one who can motivate noth young and old.
Once A week for 6 weeks.
Starting Date-13th June
Venue- Anandlok community centre opp kamla nehru college on main road. 
Fees- 15k@ child.
Please call if any clarifications required: Bubbles Sabharwal 9810800674.
My partner lushin dubey & me have been in theatre since 26 years and staged over 100 shows… even staged 160 shows of “Wizwits”, at kingdom of dreams 2015-2016. 


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