Mogly’s Gurukul Camp Night 2018


Being a Passionate Mommy who craves spending meaningful time with the kids, I would say I made the wisest decision going to this camp with my 6-year-old.

The excitement was huge but the impact was even larger that’s why I’m writing today with full zest.

We did our homework and collected everything needed for the camp well in advance and we both were all set for this fabulous experience.


So the day started up with setting up our own camp which turned into a group activity where more kids joined in to help. I had a feeling of “Wowness” that ohh it is going to be our cozy home for tonight. Just like one I had always built in my childhood times though I would never know of a camp back then.

Soon after, All kids sat for introduction and were made very comfortable by the trainers. Now I have to say all the five organizers were like extended family. They made it look effortless and easy flowing.

There was so much fun at the farm that it’s hard to put in words.

Main Attractions of the camp

Huge Trampoline which never fails.

There were donkeys and Ponies in the farm. They had Owls, Sheep, Goats, Messenger birds, Goose and hens too.

Vegetation /seasoning farming– Kids plucked the cauliflower, took out potatoes for making breakfast, ate salad leaves and learned much more.

Milking the cow: They saw the process of feeding and milking the cow inside the barns. This was a unique activity as they might not witness it otherwise.

Tents were very hygienic and clean with packed mattress and sleeping bags. They had different sizes for tents to fit your budget and need.

Maggie on the Chula– Kids made it on their own with proper supervision and they relished it like anything.

Enchanted Forest: This area was completely magnificent with sculptures of Ram Sita, Shiva and Buddha which depicted a story. It also had Famous fables “ Three Little Pigs” and “ Snow White and his Seven Dwarfs”.

Scavenger Hunt– This was tricky and involved both of us looking and experimenting. Also, it was a good way to introduce us to the farm.

Added Attractions– Storytelling, Bonfire, Games and dance, Craft, Yoga, Burma bridge insect watching at night.

The food served was pure and Satvik though some felt like there was a room for more additions. But for us, it worked perfectly.

Also if you think you can’t sleep with noises around, please carry cotton rolls or ear cuffs to sleep soundly.

Have an amazing camping!!