Top 5 Places To Visit In Delhi On A Day-off

Places to visit in Delhi

With a lot of places to visit in Delhi, these destination attracts a lot of travellers from far and wide. From historical landmarks to swarmed shopping centres, the capital city has numerous identities making it an attractive tourist destination in India.

In modern times, we don’t find the time for our kids because we are busy or probably our kids are. It’s just a call of the time. Here are a few ideas and popular places to visit in Delhi for a day trip which you can try:

Bal Bhavan 
 Places to Visit in Delhi
Places to Visit in Delhi: Bal Bhavan

If you reside in Delhi or in NCR, there is a good option for you to take your kids over there. Enriching exhibitions, doll museum, Mini Park, art and craft workshops, fun train rides including fossil trees and horse rides. It’s a great place to visit in Delhi for a picnic and family time.


Places to visit in delhi Places to visit in Delhi

Museums can be a great source of learning and for spending quality time. Also, it’s a good and fun way of learning new facts. Moreover, there are so many amazing museums you can visit all over the country. There are so many museums like-

  • Visvesvaraya industrial and technological museum
  • HAL museum
  • National children’s museum
  • Sudha car museum
  • Jawahar toy museum
  • The naval aviation museum

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Places to Visit in Delhi
Places to Visit in Delhi: Zoos

Most of the cities have their own zoo. In today’s time, kids don’t usually see animals and creatures other than humanity itself. The urban jungle is taking over the cities. Therefore, it becomes our duty to bring your kids close to nature. Also, it will turn out to be a good change in an aura around you and your kids. Most of the kids are so thrilled after looking at all the wild animals. This is one of the best places to visit in Delhi with family.

 Amusement Parks
Amusement Parks
Places to Visit in Delhi

A fun day out! the very first thing that comes to your mind after saying this sentence is the amusement parks. The perfect way to spend the day is by having amusing rides and a great dinner at a nice restaurant. Search for an amusement park in your city and plan the day. This calls for one of the best places to visit in Delhi with your friends and family.

Places to Visit in Delhi
Places to Visit in Delhi

This is the best way to get the kids excited to spend the time with family. Most of the cities have places where you can enjoy boating. If you are in Bangalore, head to the navagra lake and Lumbini garden, if you are in Mumbai I would suggest you the raconteur walks and gateway of India, if you are in Delhi there are so many choices there also, like the old fort, zoo etc. This is one of the best places to visit in Delhi with friends.

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Gather your picnic baskets and lunch boxes! Day trips turn out to be great bonding amongst kids and parents. It is also a good option if you want to enjoy with kids without burning a hole in your pockets. But keep in mind a few things before planning a trip. Things like planning about food, pre-planning your menu if you are taking lunch boxes or research a little bit about the restaurants (menu, price, ratings) if you want to eat out.

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