Travelling with Kids


Traveling with kids is definitely a challenging task, as your mind is constantly ticking about how you should keep your child entertained throughout the journey. I had to put on my thinking cap in the initial days itself as we travelled when my little one was hardly a few days old; be it to meet her great-grandparents or to follow family rituals.

Generally, the first year of traveling is easy as the baby tends to sleep through most of the journey. I would recommend all the new Moms to travel and enjoy this phase.Babies are not very difficult but definitely need all your attention. I have been lucky with my little princess as she loves to sleep and can sleep for 12 hours at a stretch, giving us the benefit to enjoy our trips.

There have been a few handy things which have been a BOON in my parenting journey which made traveling a lot easier:

1. Pram/Baby Seat – It is a very handy travel companion, making your journey easier, as it can be carried everywhere. It is also comfortable for the baby to sleep in.

2. Baby Carrier – It is a blessing to the parents. I have been using them since my baby was a few months old and had just learned to hold her neck. There are a variety of options available in the markets which are very baby friendly (Neck/Back support). Baby wearing is an amazing concept for feeding mothers too. It makes travelling a cakewalk as it can be worn not only by both parents and but by grandparents too. It keeps your hands free and thus is a win-win for multi-tasking mothers.


3. Musical Toys – There are a lot of wooden and battery operated toys which are easy to distract your child’s attention and keep them engrossed during the journey.

4. Puzzles/Story Books/Blocks/Puppets, etc. are the other easy to carry toys.
Each child has their comfort toy at home. What does a “comfort toy” mean?
A comfort toy is the child’s favourite toy. For example, if a child has become uneasy or is not in the mood to listen to anyone, this toy helps in soothing the child. It can be a favourite fur animal, doll or a picture of grandparents etc. The comfort toy definitely goes in the travel kit.

Other than these, favourite home-cooked food can be of great help.
Travelling with kids is not difficult but definitely needs a lot of preparation. Along with a lot of toys, food and clothing in your travel bag, you do need a lot of patience to make the trip a success.

Kids definitely add SOUL to any trip and make you relive your childhood.


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