Bring on the Baarish. I have an Umbrella !!


“Let the heaven pour its heart out today.
Let me share my umbrella with you, so that the rains too smile their heart out today.” 

The beauty of monsoon absolutely holds no meaning and relevance without sparkly, spunky umbrella dancing between your fingertips. Monsoon has already welcomed itself into the town. And you can see happy souls dancing heartily on the streets, rejoicing in the pleasure of getting rid from the sultry summers tanning their skins. The rainfalls make all of us swoon in delight, though for many it also becomes unpleasant if they are heading for an important meeting or children have to attend classes and they simply forgot to carry their weapons like raincoats and umbrellas. It simply spoils the mood and ruins the day.

Sometimes children refrain to carry umbrellas with them for the reason that they don’t like the bland colours and patterns on their umbrellas. They find it boring. To add more beauty and attractiveness to this season, lets dive into the pool of some joyous colours. Splash it on our umbrellas to add life and delicacy to this season of greens and Greys.



All you need to make a colourful umbrella:

  • Newspaper
  • Smock
  • Paintbrushes
  • A child size nylon umbrella
  • Disappearing ink fabric pen.


Get, set, Umbrella !

  • Cover yourself properly with a smock to protect your clothes from getting stained. And cover the surface with layers of newspaper too.
  • Unleash the hidden artist in you, grab the brush and start painting anything that strikes your imagination at the given point of time. Paint freehand designs onto umbrellas and mark a pattern with a disappearing ink pen before you begin.
  • It’s advisable if you’re not hell of an artist yourself, you can try with simplest and yet most attractive patterns such as hearts, stars, polka dots, numbers and alphabetical letters, or leaves maybe.
  • Once you are done, leave it overnight to dry and flaunt it wherever you head out in the season of greens and Greys.


2)For better designs, you can try to paint seasonal fruits and flowers. Like watermelon patterns look absolutely delicious and lily flowers on umbrella are sheer gorgeousness.

So, this rainy season make your umbrella stand out of the crowd. Beat the monsoon blues with splash of colours and glittery artistry magic.


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