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11 Healthy Lunch Box Ideas Your Kids Will Love

11 Healthy Lunch Box Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Paranthas are great, but eating them every single day can get boring — even for kids. Packing lunch for your kids can be extremely frustrating, especially if you have picky eaters.

Kids demand a variety of food items in their lunch boxes. Coming up with new lunch box ideas for kids every day can be a challenge. But as moms, we know a healthy lunch is essential to keeping our kids fueled all day the nutritious way.

We have for you a collection of recipes that are good for your kid’s lunch box.

1. Wraps

Wraps are kids favourite at home and are usually made for the kids after school or for dinner. Vegetables wrap made using whole wheat roti are healthy and delicious. You can also pack vegetable wraps for your kids’ lunch box. For the warp, you can use homemade whole wheat roti. For the filling, you can use carrots, onions, tomatoes, lettuce and paneer cut into pieces. You can give variation to your wrap by using steamed or boiled veggies instead of the usual. Pack it with mayo, cheese or homemade green chutney.

2. Fruits

You can pack a lot of fruits in your kids’ lunch box. You can give each fruit a new innovation so that your child finds his lunch appealing and easily develops a liking for fruits. Enlisted below are a different fruity lunch box innovations:


  • Kiwi Pops- These are slices of kiwi cut into circles and dipped in dark chocolate.
  • Fruit Salad- You can cut all the fruits that your child likes and pack it with yoghurt into his lunch box.
  • Homemade Apple/ Banana Chips- Homemade fruit chips are super healthy and super delicious.
  • Fruit Kebabs- Heard about a fruit snack before? Pack your kids’ lunch box with fruits threaded onto a blunt pop stick. Your child will love it.

3. Pizza Pinwheels

Pizza Pinwheels are a delicious, healthy snack, which your kids will love eating. They are very easy-to-make. Whenever you are running late and want to surprise your child with something tasty in his lunch box. You can simply make these with as little 3 items from your fridge. They will be ready in no time. Simply roll, slice, then pop in the oven for a delicious lunch box filler.

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4. Muffins

Kids love muffins. While muffins are usually packed with sugar and fat, carrot muffins can be made using honey along with carrots and sultanas instead of sugar. They are easy to make and convenient to pack in lunchboxes. Carrot Muffins form the healthy muffin tiffin. They are a filling addition to any lunchbox. Along with being a sweet treat, your kids are also getting fruit and veg portions from these muffins.



5. Dosa

Mysore Masala Dosa Recipe is a famous breakfast dish among South India. The dosa batter is usually made and fermented the day before so that you get a nice crispy and soft dosa. It is a perfect alternative for the kids who are fond of trying something delicious and mothers should no longer bother about its nutritional value (We have kept that in mind). Pack this Mysore Masala Dosa in your kids’ lunch box with south coconut chutney and sambar.

6. Sandwiches

No matter how picky of an eater your child is, he can never say no to a sandwich that caters to his taste preference. Sandwiches are still kids favourite. Sandwiches can be easily made. You can fill these sandwiches with whatever filling your child prefers. You will have a lot of options to choose from. Add the filling to the slices of cheese on the bread and pack it in your kids’ lunchbox with tomato ketchup. You can also make sandwiches ahead of time and store them in your refrigerator. Tomato with butter or egg mayonnaise sandwich actually benefits from being made the night before. It’s taste enhances.

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7. Summer Pea Salad

I know what you are thinking. There’s no way my kids will eat peas, let alone a salad. This Summer Pea Salad can be made with fresh or frozen peas. It has just a few simple ingredients that should appeal to your child’s taste buds. You can use fresh peas with cucumber and chive and mint dressing. Squeeze a lemon over the salad and pack it in your kids’ lunch box. You can also pack the lemon in the tiffin box instead of squeezing it at the time of preparation. You can make it creamy by adding a flavorful mayonnaise dressing, crunchy onions, bacon, and cheddar cheese with frozen sweet green peas.

8. Kathi Rolls

Kathi Rolls are a common street food in India and kids love eating street food. The filling is same as that of a wrap but you can also use noodles as the filling. Packing a roll in your kid’s lunch box is easy, healthy and filling too. You can pack the Kathi rolls with kebab rolled in layered parantha.

9. Corn Pulao

There are different ways of making corn pulao. You can prepare it simply by adding corn to the pulao and skipping all other veggies or you can also add a paste to the corn pulao. Prepare a paste of onion with mint, ginger and garlic. This paste will add great aroma and taste to the pulao. You can either make the pulao in the pressure cooker or pot. Use frozen corn or boiled, your kid is going to love it.

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10. Healthy Pumpkin Carrot Idli

It is a delicious and super nutritious idli, where the pumpkin puree and grated carrots are added to the idli batter. Carrots are rich in vitamins and iron content. It is good for your child’s digestive system as it helps in digestion. Pumpkin puree and carrots add colour to the idlis and make it look attractive. Unable to resist the colour and appearance, kids find it tempting. Pack it in your kid’s lunch box with coconut chutney and sambar.

11. Tawa Mushroom Recipe

Tawa Mushroom is just a semi-dry dish that is cooked with lots of onions. The masalas added into the dish are very easy to make and available in our kitchen. You can also use pav bhaji masala that goes really well with mushroom and creates a strong flavour. Pack tawa mushroom with chapatis or paranthas. You can also pack curd to make it a full meal.

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