A mother is a nurturer but she needs nurturing too


Yes, you just read that right. 90% of the women aren’t really great multitaskers as they seem to be or pretend to be. Though, the majority of men might have this ingrained perception in their mind about their wives and mothers that they are phenomenal multitaskers, which is not at all their fault. Since decades they have seen their mothers tire and wear themselves out, perform chores like a donkey and handling household matters with such efficacy and tolerability that make them believe that women are great at multitasking.

But this article is going to dispel the seeds of myth sown in the head of every one of us by patriarchal setup.

Women are not at all multitaskers, it is just that in order to bear all the weight crumbling down her seemingly fragile shoulders of all the household responsibilities that are usually undervalued under the tagline of her ‘farz’, she has to don the cloak of a multitasking wizard because not all men care about looking after the needs of a mother, wife, daughter in law and in modern age, a valuable asset of an organisation too. These days it is unlikely to find a jobless woman.

Though still there is a huge gap between working men and women, yes, if we consider the latter, most of the metropolitan women are working and still manage to strike a balance between their homes and workplace which usually takes a whole lot of toll on her physical and mental stamina. It’s imperative for the men to contribute to the kids raising and other household stuff as much as a woman do.

A woman is always under a tremendous pressure to maintain the aesthetics of a homely, ideal daughter in law and an efficient, capable, strong and intelligent working women. She is always supposed to work tremendously hard, much harder than men to juggle up simultaneously with ample amount of duties she takes care of regardlessly by running on her toes. They don’t say anything that job of a homemaker is a priceless and thankless job. But yes, this is not called a JOB for no reason. Hence, this post is for all the fathers and the men to realise that just to compensate on the amount of work neglected by other members, being a homemaker which is usually a woman is expected to don the character of, she continues to neglect her own capacities and personal requirements which deteriorates her health in the longer run.

Henceforth, rather than praising your wife’s amazing multitasking skills and outstanding efficiency, try to make things easier and little feasible for her by equally contributing to the child’s upbringing to cooking, dishing, scrubbing, washing, gardening and overall homemaking and yes, BREADWINNING. Be little more caring, loving and much more than that, helpful and supportive. Yes, a mother is a nurturer but she needs nurturing too, she requires a caretaker too and a husband is as good as a homemaker as his wife can be! This realization needs to be dawned upon all the husbands and father too.