How to take care of Lactating mother’s soft and sensitive skin

Life changes completely when a girl gets puberty. More changes are visible in her body every day. She can feel them every moment!

The pain is pretty much visible on her face and expressions. The hormonal changes in the body give gradual changes in behavior. She cannot open her heart to what she is feeling. All the transitions mound her to a new being. From a chirpy girl to a mature woman. Then the final milestone of “ motherhood”! Motherhood is a journey of emotions and physical upheaval.

The common dictionary explains “ motherhood” as inheriting ample of patience, justness, worthiness and rendering services which are unrequited. From the shaft of hair to the toenail, each cell of her body is anew. Her body does not belong to her anymore, possession has been taken by a new member. In all these changes, the part which suffers the most is the “ skin”. The skin which has taken a form of “ bags” to carry milk for the baby. The mammary glands, the tenderest part of the body. They become sensitive even to a nip. The milk ducts or pores are open to lactate.

The only source of food and nutrition for a baby after birth. Breastfeeding is the natural way to feed a baby but requires patience. Mothers face new challenges along the way. There is really nothing special to be done while breastfeeding. A mother may feel engorgement, tenderness, tickling, and leaking; a very normal experiences. Most important thing is to remain as comfortable as possible.

The common practices during lactation are :

  1.  Personal Hygiene– Should always wash and clean hands. Warm water and a cotton can be used before every feed to clean the area.

  2. Cotton Garment– Nursing garment should always be used if cotton fabric as it helps the skin to breathe and free of infection.

  3. Soreness and Bleb– These are very common skin problems. The new lactating moms face the soreness, can be cured by emollients. Blebs are milk blisters which can be healed by a hot compress.

  4. Engorgements– This can be relieved by cold compress of cabbage leaves, which helps in the inflammation.

  5. Regular Checkups– The most important is regular rounds of checkups with dermatologist and gynecologist to avoid any infection, bruises or blisters on the skin.

    It’s very important for a mother to take care of her sensitive skin just like other aspects of body and health as a preventive way to minimize difficulties before they arise.