Challenges Of Parenting With Adolescent

A woman feels complete after she conceives a baby .She nurtures the fetus to become a “new being”. She nourishes the embryo as best as she can.The gestation phase is transitional;not only physical but also emotional. Only she can understand the needs of her baby, be it inside or in her lap. Be it the first kick or the turning of baby , she knows best.

The nine months are physical,but the post phase is emotional. The first cry or the move , a mother understands what is the call!Holding the finger to stand or walk is an achievement. The pulling of hair or bitting while feeding is no pain . It’s a satisfaction a mom feels; her baby is growing!She excitedly waits for the day , when they both can talk , eat or play together. A mom is the mentor to baby , teaching and explaining everything ,in every possible way.

Parenting has always been the greatest job ever . Economically the term “ job” means , a work done with pay. Parenting is rewarded with love and affection. Not every age is the same;so is the child. An infant needs a mom every single second. A toddler can be looked after if a mom is not around . An adolescent “demands”
his own space , time and privacy. It is very hard for a parent to let go a child who used to hold the finger making the path to walk! But it is the truth!

The problem is that we wish or desire to keep the things as they have been , unwillingness to accept the independence our adolescents need to make their path for better adulthood! Raising an adolescent is an agonizing experience in the journey of parenting. At every stage a parent feels the pressure ,to loosen their emotional hold as the adolescent pushes for more independence and individuality.To become an unique individual and live on his own terms.

The adolescence can be divided into three stages: preteens, teenage and late adolescence. A transitional change in behavior and physical can be seen. They enjoy much of junks and friend’s company than homemade and parents.The inner conflict with their feelings and thoughts ,always leave a parent wondering as to what happen to their jovial and delighted child.An adolescent is accepting the physical and physiological in her cocoon. The changes of puberty ,infatuation and living in a fantasy world conflicts with existing originality! It is difficult for them. The acceptance results in frustration and frequent mood swings.A phase of chemical imbalance.Adapting to the changing needs of an adolescent ,patiently with open communication , boosts confidence and decision making skills in the child.

A great parent is not born but always made. When we became parents , an instruction manual was not handed but experiences sets way. A little change in the old ways and conventional beliefs , a parent can help the child to achieve and become what they dream!