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5 Activities for kid’s mindfulness 

From birth to growing a child is filled with dreamy fantasies, adventure, travel, and a lot more. As part of growing, people usually lose their parts of interest due to lack of awareness and denying the self to get new thoughts. interest to chase their dreams. Let’s see the 5 Activities for kid’s mindfulness. To make them mentally stable and aware their selves.

Why do your kids need to practice mindfulness?

Before that let’s understand what exactly is mindfulness, it’s a practice of consciously focusing on the mind without judgments. This makes an individual aware of their internal and external systems.

Self-awareness with minfulness

Coming back to the point (practicing mindfulness)

According to WHO (World health organization) https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/suicide  Self-harm/suicides are mostly committed because of mental disorders/stress/relation/ family/financial problems)

  • There is a break-even point of emotional thoughts that lead to self-harm or self- destruction. It’s the time when mindfulness comes into play
  • Integrates emotions- Mindfulness controls and manages the emotions to mitigate stress, extreme decision- makings or self-harming
  • Consciousness– Mindfulness brings self-awareness which subsequently makes a person conscious about the present
  • Positivity- coherence of emotions increases the quality of life, empathy, and hope which ultimately makes a positive path to walk
  • Self-care- Integrating emotions betters the mood and state of mind to concentrate on present moments, doing what makes yourselves happy
  • Communication– When we are aware of ourselves only then we can communicate our feelings and concerns to others

5 Activities for Mindfulness:

Kids journal writing

1.Journal: Ask the kid to write a journal about what they are doing daily, and how they feel about that event or incident. This helps the kid to know what makes him/her feel in a certain way. Same time lets kids explore their vulnerabilities and strengths, integrates the emotions to manage mental stress or face the difficult situation confidently.

Kids Dreams

2.Dream talk: Guide them to talk about their dreams and ask them if they can relate it to something in their life or what they feel about the dreams, this will drive them to think of the events of the unconscious brain, help the kids to recollect and communicate them

3.Clear clutter: Make the kids clean and organize their room, table, book et.al. This helps them with a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Cleaner surroundings bring peace to the mind and increase the concentration and focus on the present moment

Breathing practice

4.Breathing: Breathing practice at a certain speed calm the nervous system. This minimizes the anxiety or pressure in the body

Picture comprehension

5.Picture comprehension: Comprehending a picture makes the kids immerse themselves into that picture and make stories around. This is a creative mindful activity that kids can practice to brainstorm to get new thoughts.

Live in the moment

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