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5 Poems That Your Teen Must Read

5 Poems That Your Teen Must Read

Teenage is a confusing phase. A number of psychological and physiological changes happen within a tiny body of a teen. It is a time when your kid starts to deal with the world around them on their own. A number of things start playing out in their minds and other influences start acting up. Peer pressure, society and its expectations, competition and comparisons as well as body image become the centre of your teenager’s life.
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It is necessary for a teenage kid to ground oneself. Many see sports as a way of attaining focus and inspiration, others go on to reading or writing.
Reading acts as a great way of moulding and stabilising a teenager’s haywire life. Reading poetry can help in many ways. It can inculcate empathy, provide inspiration and even supply creativity to your growing child.

Here are some poems that can prove to be helpful for your teenage kid:

  • “o by the by” – e. e. cummings:
    Whenever poetry is mentioned, one can never leave out e. e. cummings. Even though most of his poetry is mainly composed for adult reading, his themes are most relevant when it comes to the teenage mind. I am especially listing “o by the by” because it deals with the topics of future, fear and hope. What is else is occupies a teenage mind if not this?
  • “For My Mother” – May Sarton
    The title of the poem says it all. Why is it important for a teenager to read this? Simple. Teenage is a time when kids usually get distanced from their parents, specifically mothers. It is a time when peer group trumps family. This poem can act as a reminder of the position of their mother in their life. It is important for a teenage child to not lose connection with their mothers.
  • “The More Loving One” – W.H. Auden
    Teenage is a time when hormones start acting up. The most noticeable one being oxytocin. Kids have their rosy glasses on. Your teen will have infatuation, crushes and have romantic inclinations. Dealing with all of it suddenly can be quite overwhelming. Hence, poetry acts a catharsis of letting out these new and strange feelings. W.H. Auden’s simple and relatable poem is what every teen needs.

  • “Trees” – Mark Haddon
    This poem that deals with the theme of self-identity and individual and society is what every teen needs to read. Teenage is a phase when a kid is still deciding on what kind of an individual he/she wants to be. They are still figuring out how to fit themselves according to this big bad world. Reading this poem can help your child understand that they are not alone is such struggles and find some solace.

  • “Fear” – Ciaran Carson
    Anxiety is a huge part of teenage life. Different fears play out in a child’s mind that can reduce their functionality. Various anxieties can emerge internally regarding various situations. This poem and its relatability factor can ease your child’s mind. This again can make them feel that they are not alone in this and give them the strength to push through such anxieties.

Open the world of poetry for your teen and help them ease this puzzling phase!