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5 Things your child should know on Digital Learning Day.

5 Things your child should know on Digital Learning Day.

Recent Studies show that our world shall be a home to Digital Wide Web till 2020. The sudden growth of Digital Learning has given all of us a platform to do anything as big or small with our fingertips. It’s as huge as our imagination. We can create or destroy anything with it. It is so big part of each human alive that we can’t even imagine our lives without internet. As per it says “With big power comes great responsibility”. It is our duty to protect the misuse of any kind through or by the internet.

Digital Learning
Children of this generation are the first ones to expose themselves to technology while growing. Each child has been affected by its exposer either positively or negatively. Though, working parents are reaping some benefits as it gets easier for them to connect with the child easily. Internet equally has its bad effects. Now it’s a huge responsibility on parents to properly educate their child about Digital Technology.

Here are the five things your child should know to protect themselves from its bad usage.

1.Never share your online passwords.

Kids love playing online games. They download many apps or games to play, few of them are paid as well. It is always a good idea to not disclose any of your online passwords to your child. If they are grown up even to know the details, please teach them how putting personal information on various sites can run them in trouble.

2.Never give out your location, name, age, gender or personal information.

Sharing personal information on websites which are not trusted may cause damage or lead you to trouble. Parents should not give their child permission of using his/her personal details on the internet.

3.  Never talk to someone you don’t know online.

Parents should always closely monitor what child does while using Ipads, Laptops or Mobile Phones. It’s a good idea to keep a tab on what channels your child has subscribed for, on Youtube. Checking history or recent searches are also a good way to know what your child does most of the time.

4. Always be Kind when sharing a post online.

The text your kids share online should not be culturally or religiously sensitive to any person or group of people and it should not be unacceptable to the society. It should not invoke negative feeling or hatred in someone’s mind. Tell your child to share his/her voice in a positive and healthy way.

5. The last one, Take a break.

Encouraging your child to limit themselves online, giving fixed timings of using Ipads, making NO Surfing day once a week will break their habits. It is very important to do anything in limits and focus on other beneficial activities.