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7 TV Shows on Netflix That You Should Watch With Your Mom

7 TV Shows on Netflix That You Should Watch With Your Mom


Binging shows has become the everyday routine of teenagers and also adults these days.  And because we are spending more time on Netflix, we tend to ignore our family members.  Mothers want their child’s attention and vice-versa. Watching TV series with family can help strengthen the bond and understand each other better.

TV shows on Netflix – Motherhood has been the focus of many TV Series. We’ve rounded up the best mother and daughter duos from TV Series: the ones that make us laugh, cry and want to hug our Moms. Watch these enlisted TV Shows with your Mom only on Netflix.

  1. Jane the VirginJane the Virgin: best tv shows on netflix

    Jane the Virgin is about the accidental artificial insemination and following in the life of Jane and her boyfriend. She accidentally becomes pregnant who is saving herself from marriage. The show features supportive relationships between the mothers and daughters. The relationship between Jane and her mother and grandmother are depicted very realistically. It’s fun to watch their role reversed relationship. You can now stream this tv shows on Netflix.

  2. Insatiabletop 7 tv shows on netflix; Insatiable

    The mother-daughter relationship in Insatiable is different than the usual. Petricia
    “Patty” Bladell and her mother Angie Bladell have a very insensitive approach towards each other in the show. But as the show progresses, Angie accepts her irresponsible behavior toward Patty and also apologizes for being jealous of her very own daughter. After their confrontation, the mother-daughter duo comes back much stronger and much closer. You can now stream this show on Netflix.

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  3. The Crown

    Best Tv shows on netflix: The CrownThis show is about the history of the British Royal Family. The show traces the events in the life of Queen Elizabeth II from her younger years to her reign. Nothing is better than enjoying the drama of the royals from the sidelines. The Crown deftly depicts the relationship of Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. “The Crown” is a perfect show to quench your thirst for anything surrounding the royal family and also highlights the bond that exists between a mother and her daughter. You can now stream this show on Netflix.

  4. ParenthoodTv shows on netflix: Parenthood

    Parenthood is a show about the Braverman family of two grandparents, their children, and their grandchildren. It is fun to watch the parents face realistic struggles like raising children, romance and medical issues. Each family faces their own challenges, but how they propose to deal with them is what keeps them together or tears them apart. You can now stream all the six seasons from this show on Netflix. If you have decided to watch this show with your mom, you sure won’t be short on episodes.

  5. Fuller HouseFuller House: tv shows on netflix

    Fuller House is a sequel to the TV series, Full House. This show is set in the same house in San Francisco. Stephanie and her best friend Kimmy, along with her teenage daughter move in with Fuller and help Fuller raise her three sons. The women reunite to help support one another navigate careers, parenting, and relationships with the kind of love and humor you can only get from the people you grew up with. This show is quirky and perfect for mom-daughter TV binge time and also to rekindle the relationship. You can now stream this tv shows on Netflix.

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  6. The Handmaid’s Tale
  7. The Handmaid’s Tale : Tv shows on netflix Adapted from Margaret Atwood’s novel The Handmaid’s Tale. The show focuses on the journey of the handmaid Offred. Set in the totalitarian United States where a Christian fundamentalist society forces women to be subservient to men, the show is perfect for the mother-duo feminist duo. In the completely patriarchal world of the show, the handmaids are forbidden to use their birth names and must echo the male, or master, whom they serve. The Handmaid’s Tale has two seasons currently available on Netflix with the third season airing very soon.

  8. Gilmore Girls
    TV Shows on Netflix

    This is the best show that you can watch with your mom. It explores the strong bond of the mother (Lorelei)- daughter (Rory) dynamic. This show is so engaging and perfect to watch with your mom. Seven seasons of high and lows depict the show caste the friend-like bond that the duo shares. You will be able to relate more to this show if you are Best friends forever with your mom. Also, if you want to bond well with your mother, this show is the best pick. This show also depicts the entertaining relationship between Lorelei and her own mother, Emily. You can now stream this show on Netflix.

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