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About Positive Parenting & Its Benefits

Parenting does not always mean pampering and loving the kids all the time,  it involves using a firm tone and technique whenever necessary.

Positive parenting and positive discipline focus on teaching good behavior using kind and firm parenting techniques.

The term positive parenting has become increasingly common these days! 

But what exactly does it mean? 

What Is Positive Parenting?

Positive parenting is a philosophy and strategic method which is based on the principle that as parents, our relationship with our kids is the most important thing. Positive parenting focuses on discipline and raising the kids to become self-reliant and responsible individual who treats others with compassion, respect, and gratitude.

How does positive parenting work?

Instead of harsh discipline and punishment for misbehavior, positive parents focus on positive discipline. When a child misbehaves, you try to focus on developing the desired behavior rather than opting for punishing the child for bad behavior.

What Is the Best Age to Start Positive Parenting Your Child?

The best age to start the approach of positive parenting begins right at the infant level. Research indicates that children below one year are highly benefited from a positive parenting approach. Positive parenting approach results in a secure parent-child relationship. 

Benefits of Positive Parenting

Stronger parent-child relationship

Positive parenting helps to develop stronger parent-child relationships. This approach to behavioral development increases trust between children and parents. The reason for this trust is that children have positive interactions with parents as a result of positive parenting

Strong bonding with your kids will give them the confidence to readily come to you with their problems and any questions they have as they grow older. 

Better and effective flow of communication

The importance of communication is known to all of us in every aspect of our lives. Communication is an inevitable aspect of a positive parenting approach. The main principle of the positive parenting approach is to encourage a positive and pleasant conversation with your kids as against harsh and negative ways. This can be done by encouraging the kids to have an open talk about their thoughts, beliefs, and feelings and also guiding them on how good behavior choices can spread good feelings and happiness. 

Sets a positive example for kids

Setting up an inspiring and good role model for your kids is extremely important and quite challenging. Young kids learn to behave, by looking at the examples set by their parents. Often, abusive and bullying parents will either have disturbed kids or kids who grow up to become as abusive as their parents.

Reduces negative behavior

One of the biggest nightmares parents has been of their kids having a streak of negative behavior in them! Parenting often becomes a struggle with young teens who try to get away with their irrational behavior while avoiding punishments. It is very important to understand that as parents, you still need to set control limits for your kids. 

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