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Are Roses And Solitaire Enough For You?

As I lay down on my bed listening to some soothing music, my phone rang. I picked up. The very familiar voice at the other end said, “I have resigned. Call you back in some time”. The phone went dead. I double checked the name displayed on the screen, thousands of thoughts racing through my mind.

While I waited for her to call back, I allowed my thoughts to wander. I had met her, Ms. Bee, in the induction program of the same company 7 years back. I knew of late she wasn’t very happy with the workplace but… the phone rang again. It was her call. I eagerly picked up and heard the narrative. At the end of the call, I respected her more than before.

The key takeaways from the conversation were:
She had started hating herself for bowing down and dragging her life. It was extremely imperative for her to get up, take hold of her life and walk out of the place that made her feel so.
Her husband said, “Your happiness is above everything. If you feel suffocated just let go”
It was an extremely difficult decision as it would have a monetary impact on both of them but she derived strength from his support.

As I brooded over the incident, what I realized was how important it was for her that her husband understood her situation and supported her decision. As spouses or as part of families, our lives are so intertwined that a decision by one would impact all. And this is when the others should step in and support. Ms. Bee’s husband gave her the confidence that they will be able to manage and that she should choose happiness. Are spouses not meant for this – supporting and understanding each other? Love is not about bringing red roses on valentines or taking out on a dinner date. Love is also not about that solitaire ring adorning the ring finger. Love is putting your partner above all and running that extra mile with that extra 10kgs of weight so that your partner can walk comfortably.

Priyanka Maheshwari
Priyanka Maheshwari
I am a chartered accountant by profession and a mom to a little devilish angel. I am loving this parenting journey and also like to share it through blogging.


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