Beating the heat in MAURITIUS: The Celiac Way!!!

Work hard and party harder!!! Yeah, Mommies I made it possible and you can too!! It was such a fun that Dev rephrases every moment lets go back for a holiday to Mauritius!!!

Celiac Child
Celiac Child

Work hard and party harder!!! Yeah, Mommies, I made it possible and you can too!! It was such a fun that Dev rephrases every moment lets go back for a holiday to Mauritius!!!

Sounds different right!! Or rather difficult!!!

As a parent, we planned this international holiday with our celiac child. We were so into thoughts-how would we manage the everyday diet for him. Travelling a day or two is much easier but an 8-day trip sounded big. But we made it happen and he was the happiest to go there. He enjoyed the trip and all his goodies.

The first was the flight fear. It was an Emirates flight, so we had the option of GF(Gluten-free) food. So that was a relief. But my kid like all other kids is so fussy, so to overcome this I carried my own stuff, including aloo puri, kadhi rice, that can stay for long. We also carried potato spirals with us. He had a fruit platter in the flight with some gluten-free dessert that made the way so smooth.

Airport authority allows you to carry your own food, but if you have the prescription by your paediatrician, it’s the best. In my bag pack, I had sanitizer (small), wet tissues, ketchup sachet, munchies, few medicines, band-aid.

“A holiday not so a holiday for a Mommy “

We booked an apartment at the Trou aux beaches in Mauritius, where we cooked our own food. Yes, a holiday not so holiday for a mommy, but for the health of my kid, it’s my duty, my love for him. This was our kitchen area and I loved cooking for him.

Celiac Child
Celiac Child to Mauritius

“Our luggage had more of food than the clothes”

The apartment was well-furnished, but you need to carry a pressure cooker, the induction base one. I filled it with small packets of spices, pulses including white chana, black chana, rice, besan and Gf flour (saving the space), rolling pin, milk powder, GF maggi, GF pasta, sugar, oil, some ready to eat vegetables and a carry box.

“We rented a car there and made it our Place. “                                                               

Clear Beaches, Glass Boat, Parasailing, best Road Drive ever, Casela World of Adventures and what not, we unveiled every corner. In this park, we were not allowed to carry our homemade food. But they allowed us to carry packed food material. Remember to pre-book your tickets for quad biking. Quad biking is not for kids but mom and dad can get their time!! We were lucky for that because my parents were also there at that time. So I left my kids with them and had a fun bike experience too!! There was Safari, and Giraffe Feeding too that the kids loved. Don’t miss the Gris Gris Island, the breeze is still so fresh in my mind. And on the way back, Pont Naturel is a must watch.

This seaplane was my special gift!! Ride over the island on this plane. !!!

Celiac Child
Celiac Child to Mauritius

So, mommies, it’s just the way we take it. Just keep aside all week point, make up your mind. Your child is the world to you.

Happy GF travelling!!!