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Best Father and Baby Videos on YouTube

Very few days are left for the much awaited Father’s Day and we here have compiled a list of best videos of fathers with their babies from YouTube. These videos are adorable and will definite crack you up.
The bond between a father and a child is definitely special.
Scroll down to make your day!
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  • This is an adorable video of when dads are left alone with their babies!

  • This video of the babies waking up their fathers will make you go awww !

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  • These babies sleeping comfortably with their dads will put a smile on your face for the entire day!

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  • This video of babies’ reactions to their fathers returning to them is sure to make you teary eyed.

  • This baby crying over bot being allowed to have a boyfriend by her daddy is the cutest thing on the internet!

  • Fathers working out with their babies!! That’s a cutesy thing you wouldn’t want to miss.

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Devika Sinha
Devika Sinha
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