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Best Games for Kids to Build Skills

Best Games for Kids to Build Skills

Games are an effective way to develop emotional and intellectual skills in kids. While they are playing board games, they are also getting a sneak peek at math, science and grammar. Games also teach kids lessons in decision-making, strategic thinking and consequences.

Enlisted below are 8 Board Games are easy for kids to learn and understand. The skills your child uses in each game will connect to everyday situations. This will improve his understanding of everyday life events and help improve his emotional quotient.

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Best Games for Kids jenga

Jenga, a physical skill game teaches self-monitoring, flexible thinking and impulse control to kids. It also improves concentration and hand-eye coordination. It is a game of blocks that are strategically placed one over another to form a tower. Each player takes out one block from the stack and places it over the top, meanwhile ensuring that the tower doesn’t break. It teaches children to slow down and think the consequences or outcome of their actions since it requires patience and strategy.


Best Games for Kids: UnoUno instils the most crucial skill in kids that are paying attention. Along with focusing on the cards, kids learn to play the same colour. It also helps kids to understand the relationship between objects and numbers, sharpens their pattern recognition. Your child will learn different ways to strategize the moves in the games.

You can carry the game wherever you go. It is easy to carry and interesting to play.

Monopoly Junior

Games for Kids - MonopolyIt is one of the best board games for kids. The serious world of business takes a fun twist in this game. Monopoly Junior has the same set of rules as traditional Monopoly but the game takes place in a different environment. The different environment makes the game more engaging for the kids. It also helps them strategize and introduces them to the concept of money and financial math.

Monopoly is an interesting way to teach concepts like budgeting, financial planning and saving.

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Scrabble Junior

game for kids: Scrabble JuniorScrabble is the perfect combination of fun and learning. It has been used over generations to reinforce verbal skills. Scrabble helps kids improve their vocabulary, their reading and sharpen their spellings. It teaches kids math, strategy and problem-solving. It also enhances their memory and boosts attention span.

Scrabble Junior has easier words than Scrabble and is a great way to introduce kids to the marvellous game.

Connect 4

game for kids connectA healthy competition is definitely good. Connect 4 is great for younger grade school kids. The kids learn the skill of divided attention – to focus on their own moves and also on what the opponent is doing. It sharpens their ability to think critically and logically. Connect Four asks kids to transfer what they see on paper to real life. The kids also learn how to judge where their pieces will end up when they drop them, thus help them make sense of patterns.


Game for kids: PictionaryPictionary helps in developing visual skills amongst kids. It helps children to come up with different ways to visually portray a word, to think outside the box. Pictionary brings out the creativity in kids and enhances their intelligence quotient. It also helps them understand the importance of teamwork.

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Guess Who?

Game for kidsGuess Who? helps develop critical thinking and deductive reasoning in kids.

By asking relevant questions from the opponent, the child needs to figure out the other player’s mystery person. After noticing minute-minute details of the crowd in the game, the child eliminates unlikely candidates. Kids learn how to solve a mystery based on the clues provided.

The game comes in a Disney and a Superhero version, too.

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