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6 Best New Healthy Snacks for Kids


Healthy Snacks for Kids: Toss out the junk food and start making snack time fun again. 

It’s always a painstaking process to come across such wholesome meals for the kids that not only satiate their taste buds and cravings for something extraordinary delicious but yet a healthy food option that they can opt for apart from bottle gourds and tindas. So, here is a curated list for such healthy snacks for kids that your child will want to eat again. These snacks are heavenly delicious and healthy too.

1. Uttapam:

Uttapam is a very healthy option especially when it comes to packing in a lunch box for kids and also for fine dining during weekends. Kids usually love its spicy ingredients used in making it. Uttapam is easy to make kids friendly snack. Serve hot with coconut or groundnut chutney.  South Indian Hut and Saravana Bhavan in offer the best and authentic varieties of uttapam that your child will absolutely love eating.

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2. Bread Upma:

Bread Upma

Bread Upma is an easy snack recipe that you can offer to your kids. It is one of the most healthy snacks for kids. Serve it as breakfast. Bread Upma is twisted, yet a healthier version of the usual Upma. You are no longer supposed to think that pieces of bread are only good for making sandwiches and toast. To make it more filling, you can also add some cooked vegetables to it.

3. Spinach poori:

Spinach poori

Poori is usually considered unhealthy but when it is fused with spinach to make spinach poori, it becomes healthy. Since Spinach is rich in Iron; Vitamin A, K, C; Magnesium and Folate, it is absolutely delightful when it is used to make those piping, pooris. I bet no child can ever be able to resist the deliciousness it offers. The Potbelly in Chanakyapuri, South campus can be tried to savour the taste of nutrition and delicacy all in one.

Spinach Poori is the best way to let the kids increase intake of spinach, who dislike green leafy vegetables. It is also one of the best healthy snacks for kids.

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4. Rava dosa:

Rava dosa

Rava dosa is a healthy combination of taste and nutrition. It is a perfect alternative for the kids who are fond of trying something delicious and mothers should no longer bother about its nutritional value (We have kept that in mind). This version of dosa is yummy and gives you the perfect dosa every time. You can serve it hot with homemade coconut chutney and sambar. Sagar Ratna offers a variety of Rava dosa for the kids who adore South Indian food and its lip-smacking flavours.

5. Paneer Bread Roll: 

Paneer Bread Roll

Bread rolls are the best way to get the much-needed protein, especially when we say Paneer Bread Roll. Paneer Bread Roll is a great appetizer and kids friendly snack too. These yummy paneer rolls are ready in minutes and make an ultimate snack for evening chai. You can also pack this delicious and healthy snack in your kid’s lunch.

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6. Avocado and strawberry smoothie:

Avocado and strawberry smoothie

It’s a creamy breakfast blend and extremely nutritious that is high in calcium and low in calories. The avocado adds a great creamy texture, almost milkshake-like consistency. Your child will keep wanting this heavenly delicious drink. You can easily prepare it in your kitchen.
You can also order Avocado and Strawberry Smoothie from Smoothie factory, Keventers and DLF place Saket. These are some of the best places to spend some absolute sumptuous dining time along with kids.

These are some of the most sought-after healthy snacks for kids for the kids that is a must for every kid who is way too demanding when it comes to new variety and food every day. While listing this we have also kept in mind that your child eats healthy.

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