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Why should mothers take the Entrepreneurship Plunge?

Women are truly great at doing multiple things and they appreciate it.

The hand that rocks the cradle can run the world. This notable saying may sound clichéd but it is genuine never the less. Notwithstanding, first let us look at why a mother should begin her business entrepreneurship journey?

In days passed by the woman’s part was that of a homemaker. Women needed to contend energetically to discover a place in the sun, including the privilege to vote. They have had to battle intense fights outside their homes if they had to make a mark.

So what has changed? Nothing and everything! Current ways of life, living and dietary patterns have sufficiently made time in the hands of women. Today, if a woman chooses to be a homemaker it is much of the time out of the decision and not compulsion. Becoming a mother no longer prevents her from seeking after her loved dreams.

Business is perfect for women who have progressed towards becoming moms for more than one reason.

To start with, flexible timing as you can pick your working hours. There is no compelling reason to obligatorily punch in at 9 am.

Besides, you can take up a hobby and change over it into a business e.g. baking cakes, opening a salon, beginning a beauty business, play school, an art gallery if you have access to space.

Thirdly, you can begin blogging, open an online networking organization, create content, blogs for restaurants, the decision and choices are endless today. If you were in a high-flying occupation like methodology or business examiner before you turned into a mother, you can keep doing ventures from home. All it needs is a spiffy website, which is SEO agreeable and a decent Facebook crusade where you can announce to the world that you are good to go. There is a lot of work out there!

Fourthly, all a mother once in a while needs is confidence that you can do it. The self-esteem of a lady who profits is out of this world. You can be really enabled to do things what you need to do and can likewise supplement the income of the family.

In any case, a determined woman can do what she has to do.

A few pointers which can help:

  • Try not to be hesitant to request help. Ask and it is normally given.
  • Lots of business and individual credits accessible from reputed banks and NBFC’s. Try not to hesitate to think about this alternative.
  • Enlist assistance from ex-associates to help get the message out.
  • Utilize social media to build a range of prominence.
  • Join a business organizing bunch in your city. Not only will you get hands on training but also the company of other entrepreneurs. This helps in referrals and is a powerful way to generate business.
  • Keep costs of at least four months handy in the event that business is slow and you will have the capacity to deal with fundamental costs like travel, communication, basic raw material or one individual’s pay.


So what are you waiting for? Moms fire up the business plan or vision record and go ahead!


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