Our universe is created by Almighty. Then came into existence “Adam”: a myth says God created “ Eve” from one of the ribs of Adam.
Eve in modern times is a “ woman”.

God’s prettiest and strongest creation. A woman can balance an equilibrium: work ( household), motherhood and her career.

Beauty pageants are held to define and determine the scales of beauty and intelligence. But no pageant can have a perfect result. A woman is blessed with a treasure; which can be discovered in different aspects of life. Her body is flexible; as per her stages of life.
A woman is the female species of human. Her body faces more hormonal and physical changes as compared to a male. From an infant to adolescent, her body undergoes innumerable changes. Be it hormones or physical. She reaches her puberty and her vessel ( body) is considered to be perfect to bear another human being.
A woman is blessed with the ambrosia of “ milk” to feed her baby. Breast milk is the best nutritional choice for a baby. It is enriched with high protein, calcium and other nutrients.
Although everybody is not blessed with the quantity; and it is also a personal choice. It all depends on the lifestyle, comfort level and medical conditions. For those who cannot breastfeed, depend upon “ formula “ milk. Infant formula is an alternative to breast – milk to provide nutrition; but unlikely natural. Some mothers have the notion that if they don’t breastfeed; the emotional bond will lack. On the contrary, loving and caring mothers will develop the bond by themselves.
Undoubtedly, breastfeeding is the best experience a mother can have. The milk also strengthens the immunity of a newborn until the age a mom desires to feed.
Breast milk has many antibiotic qualities which are passed to the baby; unlike a formula. A breastfed baby will have the least chances of indigestion, air- bloat and constipation. This “ perfect food” for babies helps them to strengthen against fatal diseases. A formula fed baby would often suffer from bouts of diarrhoea and digestive tract problems.
No budget has to be fixed for purchasing of milk, breast milk is free and easily available. Much convenient for nursing mums during travelling. No feeders, steamers and water to be carried; it is pure and purified.
Breastfeeding is also very beneficial for a new mum. The more the mother feeds, stored calories are burnt and help the uterus to shrink to its original shape. Breastfeeding also helps in preventing breast cancer.
Though there are few challenges also. Breastfeeding mothers face the problem of “ latch on“, which is painful. It takes commitment and patience for both: a mum and baby. But it becomes easy after few weeks. It does not risk the factor of contamination: as compared to silicon feeder nipples.
Formula takes sufficient time to digest, but breast milk is easily digestible in few hours.
The benefits cannot be concluded, but a mother can be convinced of.
On a personal note, myself, mother of two, breastfed my daughters for two years and four months.
I feel my self to be blessed and privileged with this “ ambrosia “ of Almighty.