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Couples Who Made It To Beautiful Parenting

Couples Who Made It To Beautiful Parenting

You definitely NEED ‘HIM’ the most! He is the one who is also equally responsible for that big curve on you! And neither he nor you should deny that. He is surely tensed in this situation too but SHE still NEEDs all his attention. The best SHE can do for HIM is to try balancing every possible thing happening around her. But the fact is he has to help her more. He has no option and no other reasons are acceptable.


HE should understand that SHE is changing not by choice but by nature. SHE is not his option, SHE deserves HIS attention at priority. HIS action speaks more. HIS words of love will make her comfortable but his words of disgrace may break her completely. It’s difficult to Heal later and sometimes not even an option This is the most crucial time for HER and it is necessary to show her in words as well as in action what SHE means to him. Those actions matter to her the most and no materialism can match it. SHE gave up her family name for HIM to make a new family with HIM. SHE deserves all HIS love and attention no matter what situations may come across.

He may go through a change too. His life is changing along with HER’s but nevertheless, HER physical change is more severe/ serious. She is turning unattractive day by day although for a beautiful reason. It’s a nightmare for her as Her size has shifted from size S to size M, L, XL and plus… but never forget she is the same one HE wooed for some day… Happy Pregnancy is like a lucky draw. It comes with a combination of many factors around HER. HER positivity, HER smile, HER attitude, HER expression (in this phase) will prove it all. It’s just a matter of few months. Remember SHE is not helpless, SHE is just physically not so strong, but this is temporary!

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Dr Swati A Yeravdekar is a mommie of an extremely adorable baby boy. she lives in Pune ,India. Her baby is 15 months old and she accepts she has been lucky that she could spend her maximum time with him and witness all his firsts. She has always being conscious about her health and loves to share tips of her pre and post delivery diet and workouts. In her blog she expresses her feelings at every stage of motherhood. She does not regrets for a break of 1.5 years in her professional career but she encourages her age mates to enjoy every stage of their pregnancy and give maximum time to their infants initially. By qualification she is a MBA in Advertising and Ph.D in Branding and promotions from Symbiosis International University. She is an employee of Symbiosis center of Corporate education, Pune.She is also the founder of a corporate gifting company.'Heart for all'. Currently she has resumed work and also throws light upon balance between work and the little one. These blogs are a part of her life as she expresses her experiences of parenting and child care tips. Read, enjoy, share ,Repeat!