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December Challenge- Healthy Hum Healthy Tum

Los Alcázares Hello,
http://davidpisarra.com/podcasting-how-to-self-publish-covers-and-titles/feed Did you know that for a conscious effort to become a subconscious habit, you just need to do it for 30 days? Yes! You read it right.

HealthyHumHealthyTum (HTHT) is an initiative by Slimpossiblediet whereby I, Dt. Foram K Modi, conduct health workshops and clean eating challenges.
HTHT encompasses both the online and offline clientele.

I have started the unique monthly programme to promote clean eating and healthy lifestyle. The participants are guided as per their food intake taking into consideration their lifestyle and medical conditions on a daily basis.

Constant motivation, answering your queries, easy recipes and work out is what you can expect in this programme.

WHAT IS IN STORE FOR YOU- You will be a part of Clean Eating closed Whatsapp group where I will share recipes, healthy alternates and will guide you on what to eat and what not to eat, and will keep a track record of your weight, routine and guide you with calorie intake. Also in the group would be shared exercises that can be done at home for toning your body and burning calories. Diet guidelines will also be shared.

The programme starts on December 1, 2018. Stay tuned for the latest updates. For more information regarding the programme email me at dt.slimpossible@gmail.com.

Email for entry fees and enrollment.

Dt. Foram Krunal Modi
Dt. Foram Krunal Modi
She is the owner and founder of SlimPossibleDiets, with 5 years of experience in nutrition and dietetics. Academically, a diploma holder in food and nutrition and a Diploma holder in food and diet planning, from Tulip International, an affiliate of Gold Coast Training Academy (GCTA) Australia, Diploma holder in weight management from BFY , MUMBAI , a Diploma holder in clinical nutrition and Diploma in childcare nutrition from, VLCC MUMBAI. She worked for a lifestyle management and weight loss clinic for 2.5 years and now independent dietitian. HER MANTRA IS “ STAY CONNECTED, STAY HEALTHY “ She does not believe in giving medicines for obesity or any supplements, she thinks that the kitchen ingredients are enough to help for the same. An online diet consultant, and diet planner for therapeutic diets i.e. diabetes, thyroid, cholesterol, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOD/PCOS) etc.
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