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Depression in kids : How to tackle ?

Depression in kids : How to tackle ?

In today’s fast-paced world, kids are neck deep in sands of stress and insurmountable pressure to maintain their academic aesthetics. They are hell-bent on proving their worth in the eyes of every nosey aunty and also the parents who once compared them and tried to turn them into ‘a brand new version of Sharma Ji’s beti’ and beta.

Sometimes kids become too engrossed in the idea of excelling in every opportunity and activity they participate that their childlikeness gets compromised. They become extremely competitive and the slightest dent in the image they are striving to polish takes over their fortitude (mental stamina).

A recent study has revealed that how teenagers and tweens are falling into the pit of depression. Even little kids are falling prey to the hazards of the world of gloom, solitude, and despondency. Failures are not being handled in a positive light and stress is allowed to slowly wither their innocence and self-confidence away.
For parents, it becomes even more difficult to tackle such kids since they tend to get overtly violent and excessively sentimental, irritable, and moody. Assessing the nature of their caprices becomes a herculean task for the parents and the situation only gets aggravated in a due course of time, if left untreated or unchecked.

Being nice, warm and loving with such kids becomes quintessential. But there is much more on parents’ part that really needs to be taken care of. Let’s be little more aware of the healing process and all it takes to salve the mental predicament.

● Try to navigate your child away from persistent negative emotions, guilt, and worthlessness. Such children, who are mentally depressed finds the world around them terrible, gloomy and depressing. You always tend to see not just through your pair of eyes but the way your heart feels. A child is sensitive and it tends to view the world more than just through eyes. Shift your child’s mindset, make him/her believe in the positive aspects of life, surroundings, all the beauty this world is engulfed with and drift his/her focus on positive aspects of his/her personality.

● Such children are usually too reluctant to believe in anything positive. It’s really hard to make them realize and see the world in a better light. Hence, make them feel good about themselves in various ways. It will instill positive vibes in their mind and release happy hormones.

● Social isolation is common in such children. Make them indulge in more such activities they might be interested in. A particular sport, a hobby or art class or anything that they are willing to try. Let them. Offer them plenty opportunities to explore themselves.

● An existential crisis should be reduced by making these kids happy and confident about their personalities. Give them more excuses to fall in love with themselves and make them feel confident in their own skin. Try to heal them softly and tenderly.

Such kids require extra care and concern than the rest. Be nice, gentle and extremely supportive of them. They are not really weak they are just so vulnerable to people, meanness, and society in general. Make them believe and perceive their innate light, their defining goodness. They might repel initially but a little patience and effort will surely help in uplifting their obscured spirits.

Be the guiding light, be the aura and the magic which emits sunshine. Be the healer as soft as magnolias.~

Happy healing….!!